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Story of Skateboarder Anas Hajas died before reaching his destination

who was anas hajas

Skateboarder Anas Hajas from Kerala had decided that he would complete the journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on his skateboard. But his journey ended in Panchkula, 600 km from his destination. Anas Hajas had an accident in Panchkula in which he died.

Who was Anas Hajas?

Anas Hajas, a resident of Kerala, was 31 years old. Three years ago he left his high-paying job and planned to travel from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on a skateboard. Anas learned skateboarding through YouTube. It took him a year to learn skateboarding.

I am Anas Hajas ,a former techy turned in to a full time adventure and travel enthusiast. For me life is a gift and it is worth enjoying each and every moment of it, that should be the way we experience life. For the past 6 years I have been traveling and did lots of jobs, like Living as a cab driver, a teacher in Bihar, marketing guy, tried some shots in modeling and film industry, Video editor, worked as a juice maker in a juice shop etc. I am so glad that I have met lot of people and lives during my traveling.

Recently I fell in love with this sport called Longboarding and learned to ride it myself. Its really interesting and I came to know that only a few people doing this sport in this country. So I am here to promote this sport among people, how to ride it safely and get more facilities to make this sport popular in India.

Anas Hajas, Skateboarder

Computer Science Major Anas Hajas got a job in Technopark and a private school in Bihar. Anas’s passion for skateboarding was visible. He not only skated himself but also taught skating to young children. His family was not happy with his move.

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Anas did not leave with much preparation on his journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He had only two pairs of clothes and a helmet. Initially, he used to skate at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour but later he reduced it to 30 kilometers per hour.

Last Video of Anas Hajas

He started his journey on 29th May. He had decided only two days back in this bar. His journey was about to come to an end. He was just 600 km away from Kashmir. The journey to Panchkula was completed by Anas in 64 days. After traveling for three more days, he would have reached his destination. But on Tuesday, a road accident in Panchkula took his life and his journey ended there.

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