Who leaked Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s private video online?

Jennifer Lopez appeared to respond after video of a “private moment” from her wedding to Ben Affleck was leaked online. The couple hosted an intimate but lavish ceremony at Affleck’s 87-acre estate on Hampton Island in Georgia last weekend, just over a month after their surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

The wedding celebrations lasted for three days, with Lopez wearing three different Ralph Lauren gowns, each featuring a backless design. Before the extravaganza, security checkpoints were set up on the roads leading to the house and attendees were asked to “have identification ready” upon arrival.

Despite the checks, and guests reportedly being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, one of the attendees appears to have leaked a video of the night.

The footage, released by TMZ, shows Affleck sitting in a chair as Lopez serenades him with a song that includes the lyrics, “I can’t get enough of you.” The video was also shared by an Instagram fan page, but was quickly removed after Lopez left a comment saying the moment was filmed “without permission.”

While Lopez’s comment is no longer available to view since the video has been removed, the fan account shared a screenshot with followers.

“This was taken without permission. Period,” J.Lo clarified in the comment section. “Whoever did it took advantage of our private moment. I don’t know where you all are getting it from because we had NDAs [non-disclosure agreements] and asked everyone not to share anything from our wedding. That is our choice to share.”

Lopez also referenced her newsletter, noting, “Anything I put out private is OnTheJLO and it’s ready to share with my fans. Which I will do when I am ready to. This was stolen without our consent and sold for money.”

The fan account later deleted the post “out of respect for Bennifer” and shared a new post of a screenshot image of Lopez’s comment. The singer then reacted to the new post by liking it.

“This was stolen without our consent and sold for money. Thank you for caring, I love you guys.”

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