Who is Sunny Mehta arrested in Chandigarh University MMS case?

A Shimla man has been arrested in connection with the “leaked” Chandigarh University video case. Himachal Pradesh police have arrested the accused girl’s 23-year-old associate from her hometown in the state in the highly publicized Chandigarh University video leak case.

Police said “Two people have been arrested in Himachal Pradesh in the Chandigarh University obscene video case by state police so far. While one accused was arrested, another was detained”.

Authorities at the University of Chandigarh suspended courses for six days until September 24 in response to student protests over claims that a female student had captured and circulated videos of multiple female students.

The dispute at the university, located in Mohali in Punjab, was apparently sparked by rumours, which had caused panic among new students who did not know each other, police said. But the students were not satisfied and protests continued at the university until late at night despite police assurances that a Special Investigation Team would carry out further investigations.

Who is Sunny Mehta

Sunny Mehta, 23, who works at a travel agency, was also arrested in Rohru Shimla, where he was born and raised. The woman student arrested in the case also hails from Rohru. A second man, who works in a bakery, was also arrested in Shimla, police said.

Two people arrested

“We have arrested said accused in the case. The person will be handed over to the Punjab Police as they will be monitoring the investigation. The case was also filed within their jurisdiction,” Himachal DGP Sanjay Kundu told The Indian Express.

The second accused, 31, was detained in Dhalli based on a request received from Punjab police, Himachal police said. “At the request of the Punjab Police, another accused was asked to stay at PS Dhalli. Now the Punjab Police have taken him with them to Punjab to investigate the above case and verify his involvement. He is a resident of Dhalli in Shimla,” IE quoted the DGP as saying.

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According to the police, the second accused had called the first accused student while the warden was interrogating her. According to the girl, she did not recognize her number and he had sent her a screenshot of an objectionable image that she had previously shared with her friend. Her phone number was mentioned in the FIR.

The incident sparked mass protests from varsity students after it emerged that a female student had allegedly leaked objectionable videos of other students, which are widely shared on the Internet.

According to Punjab Police, an investigation is underway to ascertain the accused student’s claims that a man was blackmailing her. The woman has been booked in a case registered under section 354C relating to voyeurism under the Indian Penal Code and Section 66E of the Information Technology Act (punishment for breach of privacy) at the Indian Police Station. Kharar (Sadar).

Chandigarh University statement

In a statement released by Chandigarh University, Pro-Chancellor Dr. RS Bawa said, “The rumour which is circulating through media that 60 objectionable MMS have been found of students … is totally false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation conducted by the University, there have been no videos found of any student which are objectionable except a personal video shot by a girl which was shared by herself to her boyfriend.”

Important points

  • A ruckus broke out at a private university near Chandigarh late Saturday night after a pgraphic video went viral.
  • A campus student has been accused of making obscene videos of many girl students.
  • Allegation on the student that she sent the videos to a boy in Shimla who made them viral.
  • Mohali SSP said that till now no evidence has been found of many girl students attempting suicide, the accused student has been arrested.
  • The university administration also called the girl students a rumour, saying that the girl students had fainted during the uproar.
  • Many ministers of Punjab government appealed to maintain peace, said – the guilty will not be spared
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No evidence of attempted suicide

The matter came to the attention of the police around 3 am on Sunday. Mohali SSP Vivek Soni told reporters that so far the police have not found any evidence to show that the schoolgirls attempted suicide.

He said some female students were taken to hospital but there is no evidence of attempted suicide in doctors’ medical reports so far. He has called on people not to pay attention to any kind of rumours, and no one has died in this case. At the same time, he said that an FIR has been filed in this case and the accused student has been detained and is being questioned.

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