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Who is Mukhtar Ansari, Why ruckus against him in Punjab Assembly?

Who is Mukhtar Ansari, why is Ruckus in Punjab Assembly over Him?

Minister of Jail in Punjab, Harjot Singh Bains has said that the previous government had kept Uttar Pradesh’s Bahubali leader Mukhtar Ansari in jail as a VIP. In the debate being held in the Punjab Legislative Assembly during the budget session, Bains also said that Mukhtar Ansari’s wife was also allowed to remain in jail.

Mukhtar Ansari was kept in Rupnagar jail in Punjab in a ransom case since 2019. Mukhtar Ansari’s custody was given to Uttar Pradesh after a court order last year. Ansari is currently in Banda jail in UP.

The Supreme Court had given Ansari’s custody to the Uttar Pradesh Police saying that he was kept in a Punjab jail under the guise of illness on absurd grounds.

On the allegations of Harjot Singh Bains, Leader of Opposition in the House Pratap Singh Bajwa reacted sharply and there was a lot of debate between the two.

During the debate on the budget in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, Bains said, ‘I want to present a very serious issue before Punjab. As a prison minister, a case has come before me which has raised questions on the image of Punjab. India’s famous gangster Mukhtar Ansari was kept in the jail of Punjab for two years and three months. Fake FIR was lodged here. No challan or default bail was taken.”

Bains said that Ansari lived with his wife in the barracks where 25 prisoners should be kept. He said that Punjab had put an expensive lawyer in the Supreme Court to oppose the production warrant of the Uttar Pradesh government, which has now sent a bill of 55 lakhs.

Who is Mukhtar Ansari?

Mukhtar, who reached the assembly for the first time in 1996 after winning on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket, won from Mau in 2002, 2007, 2012 and again in 2017. He fought the last three of these elections while living separately. country’s prisons.

Known as the ‘first political family’ of Ghazipur, the Ansari family has a large presence in this district.

For example, jailed Mukhtar Ansari’s grandfather is known as a leader who supported Gandhiji in the country’s freedom struggle and was Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, who was the Congress President in 1926–27. .

Mukhtar Ansari’s maternal grandfather Brigadier Mohammad Usman was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for his bravery in the 1948 war.

Mukhtar’s father Subhanullah Ansari, who had a clean image in Ghazipur and came from a communist background, was active in local politics.

Mukhtar’s elder brother Afzal Ansari has been MLA from Ghazipur’s Mohammadabad Legislative Assembly for five consecutive terms (1985 to 1996) and has also won the election of MP from Ghazipur in 2004.

Mukhtar’s second brother Sibkatullah Ansari has also been an MLA from Mohammadabad in the 2007 and 2012 elections.

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