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Who is McAfee; Why he committed suicide in prison


Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is McAfee; John McAfee was found dead in a Barcelona prison cell on Wednesday. On the same day, a Spanish court allowed him to be extradited to the US in the case of tax evasion. He was arrested in October last year at Barcelona airport while trying to board a flight to Istanbul.

He was also accused of not disclosing the income earned while promoting cryptocurrencies. Since his arrest in Spain, he was lodged in the Bryans 2 prison in Barcelona. Prison officials say they tried to revive McAfee. Officials say that in the preliminary investigation, his death seems to be a clear suicide.

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McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Villalba, has said “This is the result of a cruel system. There was no reason to keep him in jail for so long.” A Spanish court ruled on Wednesday that McAfee should be handed over to US officials.

During a video conference hearing earlier this month, He said the charges against him were politically motivated and that he would face life in prison if extradited to the US.

What are the charges against McAfee?

US prosecutors allege that the 75-year-old businessman earned billions through consulting services, speeches, and cryptocurrencies but did not pay taxes on his four years of income from 2014 to 2018. he, who made millions of dollars by inventing antivirus in the 1980s, still has that software in his name. He later reinvented himself as a self-proclaimed bitcoin guru.

Had he been convicted in the US, he could have been jailed for up to 30 years. The Securities and Exchange Commission, which oversees financial activities in the US, has also filed criminal cases against McAfee. In a lawsuit filed last October, the commission charged him with embezzlement of more than $23 million.

He, however, always denied the allegations. Earlier this month, he used social media to prove his innocence.

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McAfee’s personal life

McAfee, 75, claimed in 2018 that he is the father of 47 children. He married a woman named Janice eight years ago. He has no children with Janice. McAfee and Janice met on the beach in Miami. At that time Janice was working as a sex worker.

Born in Gloucestershire, UK, McAfee was a technology expert. He was also accused of killing a 54-year-old neighbour in 2012, but the charges could not be framed. He had declared himself innocent in this case.

McAfee also made unsuccessful attempts to enter American politics. Tried to be nominated by the Liberal Party for presidential elections in 2016 but failed (Who is McAfee).

However, now an old tweet of McAfee is going viral wherein he had claimed that if he ever commits suicide, the world is to know that it will be a murder. He also got a tattoo made on his arm which reads, “$WHACKD”.

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