Who is Jack Sweeney? Selling Musk Smoking Weed T-shirts?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Musk Smoking Weed T-shirts; Elon Musk is famous for being in the news often not just for SpaceX, Tesla, or his “The Boring Company”, but also for his witty humorous tweets or for doing the most bizarre things. This time, however, Musk is in the news for something hilarious, a smoking weed T-shirt. So, how did Musk’s face end up in smoking weed T-shirts and who’s the mastermind behind this?

Who is Jack Sweeney?

Jack Sweeney is the 19-year-old kid who went viral the last month as he tracked Elon Musk’s Private Jet, the length of the aircraft, and the location. Jack also started a monetizing merch called Ground Control in which he sells t-shirt of Musk’s picture of smoking weed from “The Joe Rogan Experience” with a sticker “I Know How High Elon Is”. He also has a @ElonJet account on Twitter with around 1.5 million followers. Twitter had multiple reactions towards this hilarious but creative approach by a young individual.

Elon Musk’s Response to the Creativity:

Elon Musk’s response to the bizarre activity of the teen wasn’t funny rather the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla asked him to delete the tweet and even the account it was posted from while offering the teen an offer of 5000 USD, however, Jack wasn’t buying the offer, and initiated an offer from his side.

Jack asked Musk to give him a whopping 50,000 USD for his college and for buying a Tesla to which Musk didn’t buy. Sweeney felt that he should be paid the said amount for the time and efforts he has put into tracking the private jet. He has also tracked Jets of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. After, the instance Musk blocked Jack Sweeney from all social media.

What’s Next for Jack?

Since Jack Sweeney made the headlines and took social media by the storm, Jack has been awarded the Job offer by the US-Based private Charter Flight Firm Stratos Jet Charters as the company’s CEO Joel Thomas was impressed by the creativity of this Nineteen-year-old teen.

Thomas said, “Seeing Jack’s Interest in Private aviation, along with his adroit tech capability, I opened the door to him to Join Our Development team”. He Further said “Understanding that he is currently enrolled at UCF, Stratos is happy to work with him on a project basis, part-time, or internship to help him further his education goals.” Sweeney, however, might not accept the proposal as he currently working at Uberjets, where he tracks the chartered flights to help find affordable seats for clients.

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