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Who is Gil Tamari,  Israeli journalist illegally sneaks into Mecca?

Who is Gil Tamari,  Israeli journalist illegally sneaks into Mecca?

A Saudi man has been arrested in connection with the visit of an Israeli reporter to the holy city of Mecca during a visit to Saudi Arabia. This man is accused of helping an Israeli journalist to go to Mecca.

Gil Tamari, a TV journalist for Israel’s Channel 13, posted a video on social media on his way to Mecca, where non-Muslims are prohibited from entering.

He also climbed Mount Arafat, the holy site where Muslims gather during the Hajj pilgrimage. His visit was not allowed by the Saudi Arabian authorities. After his return to Israel, the TV channel has published the report.

After this visit, journalist Gil Tamri has apologized and said that he wanted to show the world the beauty of Mecca and Islam to promote religious tolerance.

There are no diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, but relations are slowly improving. Several Israeli journalists entered the country using foreign passports during US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia last week.

Journalist Gil Tamri knew what he was doing. While making the video, he clearly told the importance of Mecca and said that he is the first Israeli journalist who has reached there and is able to take such pictures.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the arrested man helped an Israeli journalist to use the route to Mecca, which is a complete violation of the law.

The agency has described the Israeli journalist as a US citizen. A Mecca police spokesman insisted that visitors to Saudi Arabia follow the rules and regulations, especially in the case of the Two Holy Mosques and other holy places. Those who violate the laws will be punished.

Further legal action is being taken against the Israeli journalist who entered Mecca.

According to BBC Urdu, it is seen in this video that Gil Tamari is traveling in his car and is accompanied by a local guide who has a mask on his face. That’s why they can’t be identified.

It is written with the report that after the security check point, the Saudi policeman asked us to go towards Mecca. On this way you can also see the big clock tower.

During the video report, Gil Tamri, looking at the camera, speaks slowly in Hebrew so that no one can hear his voice. He is also speaking in English occasionally.

In his video, he himself is telling, “According to Saudi law, non-Muslims are forbidden to come here. It was impossible for me to come here but I found a wonderful person who decided to take me here by risking his life. ,

Gill is saying in the video that if the police stops him, he will say that we are going to Mecca to meet our friends.

It is seen in the report that there are many sign boards on his way, on which it is written that non-Muslims are not allowed to go ahead. He lowers his camera while passing through the police check post.

After arriving in Arafat, Gil Tamri’s guide can be heard saying, “This is illegal.” He seems to be a little uneasy as the people around have become suspicious of him.

In such a situation, looking at the camera, Tamri says in Hebrew, “Only Muslims can come here. So far no Israeli journalist has broadcast from here.

Tamri says in the video, “When we reached Mount Arafat and headed uphill, my guide signaled to go back. The guide had heard some people saying whether they were both Muslims or not. After that we reached the car and left the city.

Gil Tamari faced criticism after this video surfaced.

Israel’s regional cooperation minister Isavi Frege told state media, “I apologize for this. This is a stupid move. Running such reports for ratings is irresponsible and fatal.

The report ignored US efforts to improve relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It was only after the broadcast of this report that “A Jew in Makkah’s Grand Mask (A Jew in the Grand Mosque of Mecca)” started trending.

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