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Who is actress Sahar Afsha quits showbiz for Islam?

Who is actress Sahar Afsha quits showbiz for Islam?

Popular Bhojpuri actress Sahar Afsha recently announced that she has decided to leave the entertainment industry to follow the religious path of Islam. She is not the first actress to take such a step as Lock Upp contestant Sana Khan and Dangal star Zaira Wasim also decided to leave the entertainment industry for Islam.

On her Instagram account on September 22, Sahar wrote a long note that read, “Dear brothers and sisters, in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, I want to let you know that I have chosen to leave show business and will no longer be involved. I want to live my future life in accordance with Islamic teachings and with the blessings of Allah.”

She continued, “I am grateful to my fans for bestowing many blessings on me, including fame, honour, and fortune. I had not even imagined this life in my childhood. I stumbled upon this industry by chance and continued to grow. But now I have decided to give up.” my lifestyle in show business, to repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness. I intend to live my next life according to Allah’s commands and preaching.”

Concluding her note, the actress wrote: “Therefore, I ask everyone to pray that Allah accepts my repentance, bless me with the strength to live according to my determination to spend my life upholding the laws of my Creator and serving God.” humanity, and give me the perseverance to do it. And I hope that I will be remembered not for my past life but for the life to come.”

Sana Khan also reacted to her note and commented, “MashAllah my sister, very happy for you. May Allah give you isteqamah in every step of your life. May you inspire everyone around you and become a zariya e khair for mankind.”

Who is Sahar Afsha?

Sahar Afsha is a Tamil and Bhojpuri actress from India who rose to fame for her role as Maitri in the Telugu film “Karta Karma Kriya” as well as in the Bhojpuri film Mehndi Laga Ke Rakna 3 opposite Khesari Lal Yadav.


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