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Which was the most ordered food of 2021 in India

Which was the most ordered food of 2021 in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Which was the most ordered food of 2021; The latest report by food delivery platform Swiggy states that Indians ordered 115 plates of biryani per minute in 2021. In Swiggy’s annual report ‘Swiggy Statistics 2021’, more than 60 million biryani orders were placed on the online platform. This translates to about 115 biryanis per minute or about two biryanis per second.

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Which was the most ordered food of 2021

Swiggy is launched by 4.25 lakh new users to order Chicken Biryani. Also, the report states that samosas became the most loved snack of the year with around 5 million orders. Samosas were ordered 6 times more than Chicken Wings, while Pav Bhaji was the second favorite snack in the country with 21 lakh orders.

Taking to Twitter, Swiggy updated, “Figure 1: 6,04,44,000 Biryani ordered in 2021 Stats 2: 6,04,44,000 people smiled immediately after receiving the “delivered” notification.

“In 2020, 90 biryanis were ordered per minute, which has increased to 115 in 2021, which is 1.91 per second,” the statement said.

While samosas were ordered six times more than chicken wings, pav bhaji was India’s second favorite snack with 2.1 million orders. With a total of 2.1 million orders, Gulab Jamun was the most ordered dessert on Swiggy followed by Rasmalai with 1.27 million orders.

Searches for healthy food on Swiggy doubled in 2021, and health-focused restaurants on Swiggy HealthHub saw a 200 percent increase in orders. Bengaluru emerged as the most health-conscious city, followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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The StatEATstics report is based on orders received by Swiggy for food delivery, grocery on Instamart, pick up and drop service Swiggy Genie and HealthHub platform between January and December 2021.

According to Swiggy’s sixth annual ‘Statistics Report’, the top food orders for the year were second in the list of Pav Bhaji and Gulab Jamun, with 21 lakh orders each.

Biryani: Veg vs Non-veg stats

Chicken biryani was ordered 4.3 times more than the vegetarian counterpart. Interestingly, Swiggy says that over 4.25 lakh new users started Swiggy by ordering Chicken Biryani.

StatEATstics order analysis is based on orders received by Swiggy for all its services, including food delivery on Instamart, grocery, pick up and drop service by Swiggy Genie, and HealthHub.

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For example, Instamart distributed over 28 million packs of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, bananas, onions, potatoes, and green peppers were the top five fruits and vegetables. Instamart also distributed 1 lakh masks and over 4 lakh soaps and handwashes.

Genie delivered most of the food, groceries, and medicines (in order of sale). About 20,000 food orders on Genie were for pet food. However, the “Pharmaceutical” category on Genie registered the most phenomenal growth with a growth of 288%.

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