Which countries are providing what kind of weapons to Ukraine?

Donbas will solve the issue of Ukraine’s survival as an independent state. It depends on the weapons used by Ukraine forces to resist Russian aggression. In this context, the Ukrainian leadership sent heavy weapons to its armed forces from the West. In this context, the Ukrainian leadership calls on Western countries to equip Ukraine, for example, with the need for anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, warships, combat helicopters and fighters to defend against Russia.

Meanwhile, almost all NATO members have provided Ukraine with at least small arms, security or ammunition, but have not sent any offensive weapons. Because there is a danger that Russia will consider it an intervention in the war, this process can be used as an excuse to attack NATO.

Now that Russia’s large-scale aggression in southeastern Ukraine is in southeastern Ukraine, all of these countries seem to be changing their position on it. One NATO country after another began to supply various weapons to Ukraine. Details of the weapons list have not been released, but some information has been provided. Let’s find out which country sends which weapons to Ukraine.

Countries providing weapons to Ukraine

Czech Republic

The Prague government was one of the first countries to approve the supply of any weapons to Ukraine. Due to the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border in early January, the Czech Republic delivered an explosive to Ukraine, similar to the weapons system of the former Soviet Union.

In addition, the Czech Republic was the first country to send tanks to Ukraine. Among them are not only defence tanks (BMP) but also dozens of T-72 battle tanks. The Ukrainian army uses both tanks


Poland played a key role in modernizing the Ukrainian army before the war in Ukraine and supplied its neighbor with Russian-made weapons systems and ammunition. In early March, NATO partners blocked Poland’s supply of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. In April, the Warsaw Pact government called for the establishment of US nuclear weapons facilities on its territory. So far, the country has agreed to supply Ukraine with other weapons, including heavy ones. But he is careful not to divulge further details.


The country of South-Eastern Europe, Slovenia, has already agreed to hand over Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine. Germany offered Slovenia a variety of armored vehicles. According to the German news agency DPA, Slovenia requires state-of-the-art battle and defense tanks, such as the German Puma, Boxer and Leopard II.

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In recent years, Turkey has sold at least 20 Byraktar-TB2 fighters and reconnaissance drones to Ukraine. This supply has nothing to do with the current war, but these Turkish drones are one of the few NATO weapons already in use in Ukraine.


The German government is reluctant to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons. Instead, it provides Kyiv with anti-tank weapons, grenades, drones, security equipment and ammunition.

Other NATO member countries

Very little is known about the armaments supplied to Ukraine by Italy and France, while Belgium, Norway and Canada have announced heavy arms supplies in general. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson mentioned the supply of missiles to destroy naval targets, and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte mentioned armored vehicles and provided clear information about them.

the United States

The United States was the largest supplier of weapons to the Ukrainian military. Washington has approved about ﹰ 2.5 billion since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian defenders, for example, managed to destroy several Russian tankers with Julian ground-to-air anti-tank missiles. However, experts say that this missile system is not suitable for future war.

European Union

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the European bloc has approved 1.5 billion euros from Ukraine’s peacekeeping funds. Through this fund, EU member states will purchase and provide Ukraine with security equipment, first aid kits, fuel and military equipment to overcome this war. It should be noted that the EU countries, which currently supply heavy weapons to Ukraine, cannot be financed from this fund.

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