When wife finds out about husband’s homosexuality, he intimidated her with knife

The Thane District Court in Maharashtra has rejected an application for the early release on bail of a 32-year-old man (husband) from Navi Mumbai who allegedly cheated on his wife by concealing that he was gay.

A lawyer for a 29-year-old woman who complained about her husband’s betrayal, hiding that he was gay, said she found out about his sexual orientation during their honeymoon.

The judge of the additional hearings, RS Gupta, rejected the request for bail and said: “At first sight, it is shown that the accused committed fraud, causing unlawful financial losses … as well as irreparable damage to the applicant’s life.”

The case was filed based on the complaint of his 29-year-old wife. They married in November 2021, allegedly presenting a forged employment letter stating his salary package of 14 lakhs a year.

Defending the applicant, Sagar Kadam’s lawyer told the court that his client had learned of the defendants’ sexual orientation during their honeymoon.

“In January 2022, checking her husband’s mobile phone, she found his unusual WhatsApp chat with some people he knew. Considering the conversations strange, the woman sent the phone for forensic examination. The results show that he was same-sex, ”Kadam said, adding that he even had accounts in several gay dating programs.

When she confronted him about the matter, the accused threw a knife at her, she said in her complaint.

Prosecutor V A Kulkarni and Kadam claimed that before the marriage the accused had concealed the fact that he was gay, thereby deceiving the complainant and ruining her life. The investigator claimed that they had discovered the defendant’s conversations with other male partners, which clearly showed his interest in same-sex relationships.

Defense counsel denied the prosecution’s version, saying it was aimed at slandering and harassing him, and sought help.

The judge rejected the defendant’s application for bail, saying: “At first sight, this shows that the accused committed fraud in order to commit fraud, inflicting unlawful financial damage on the complainant’s father and causing irreparable damage to the complainant’s life.”

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