When will Lemon Prices come down?

Ground Report | New Delhi: To beat the summer heat people generally look for cool and refreshing fruits, drinks, and iced products. Lemon is one of the most important elements of them all as it is used to make some of the most refreshing drinks and dishes. However, lemon is not just used for these purposes but several others which are inclusive of our day-to-day life, these days the prices of lemon are skyrocketing or increasing at a shockingly high rate. Although there are several factors due to which the prices of lemons are shooting up, let’s focus on most of them.

Reasons for Increase in Lemon Prices

The prices of lemons are affected due to many reasons, the current price of lemon stands at 300-400 rupees per kg throughout the nation. While the price of a single lemon stands at 10 to 15 rupees. This inexplicable rise in the prices of lemons has shocked the country but with the increase in prices of lemons, the prices of lemon products and drinks have also increased. 

  • The prices of lemons are affected due to the rise in the cost of transportation. As the prices of fuel increased, the price of transportation costs increased. This has affected the prices of lemons and showed a sudden increase. The cost of transportation and fuel has also been impacted due to the Russian-Ukraine war.
  • Another reason the prices of lemons increased is the weather. The arrival of summer was faster than anticipated, this had an impact on the demand for lemons whereas the harvesting of lemons was largely affected due to the natural calamities. The heavy rainfall last year during the season damaged the growth of lemons. Lemons are extremely sensitive to weather and require to be grown in particular whether this has increased the demand for lemons or lessened the supply. 

India neither exports nor imports lemons while most of its consumption is done within the country itself. While Andhra Pradesh is the largest supplier of lemons, the lemon prices not looking to be lessening anytime soon until the next market comes during September or the month of October.

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