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WhatsApp’s new features: Now group admin can delete messages

whatsapp group new features admin can delete messages

People love to create and interact in groups on WhatsApp. You too will undoubtedly be a part of many groups such as family, friends, workplace, religious, and social.

WhatsApp has rolled out new updates with the aim of making these social groups more interactive. WhatsApp says that they are working on building a WhatsApp community that allows users to connect with important groups.

WhatsApp has now rolled out this feature. It will be available to all in the next few months.

Let’s know about the new features of WhatsApp

whatsapp new group features

Now in communities, such as – society, schools parents, and workplaces – multiple groups can be connected so that you can organize multiple groups of the same category at once.

To use it, tap the new Community tab at the top of Chats on Android and the new Community tab at the bottom of iOS. From there you can create a new community or add an existing group to a community.

After joining the community, you can easily switch from one group to another if you want. Group admins can share any kind of updates etc, through the community.

WhatsApp New Update

whatsapp new group features
  • WhatsApp polling in which people can get their opinion from group members by giving options with questions.
    Video calling with up to 32 people
  • Option to add 1024 users to groups.
  • Emoji reactions,
  • The ability to share large files,
  • And very important now admin can delete messages from the group.

All these features can be used in any group, but these features will prove to be very useful, especially in ‘Community’.

WhatsApp is working with more than 50 organizations in 15 countries to build a ‘Community’
in order to satisfy the community’s needs.

WhatsApp said “We are glad that the feedback we have received so far is that these new tools will help us organize groups better and will be of great help to the users. We are planning to build more new features, we will keep adding features in the coming months. For now, we want to spread this to more people and get your feedback.”

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