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WhatsApp Web: how to send messages without having smartphone nearby

WhatsApp Web

Ground Report | New Delhi: WhatsApp Web; WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that continues to innovate its tools to provide a better experience to its more than 5 billion users around the world. The most recent variation in one of its functions will allow you to send messages from WhatsApp Web without depending on the mobile device. Know all the details.

WhatsApp Web

With this, you can chat with all your contacts from WhatsApp Web without the need for the mobile device to be turned on, with an Internet connection, or with mobile data activated. Before, when the cell phone was linked to the web version of WhatsApp on a PC, laptop or tablet, the smartphone had to be nearby and with internet access to chat, otherwise, messages could not be sent.

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Previously, when the three vertical points were pressed in the upper right corner of the mobile app, the option ‘WhatsApp Web’ was observed. Now it was replaced by ‘Linked Devices’, which belongs to the ‘Multi-Device Mode’ function that was announced a few months ago by Mark Zuckerberg himself for the WabetaInfo web portal.

It is important to clarify that at the moment this tool only works for users who have the Beta version of WhatsApp, whether it is a mobile device with Apple’s Android or iOS operating system. Otherwise, the ‘Linked Devices’ option will only be used to connect to WhatsApp. 

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How to chat it without depending on your mobile phone

  • First, you must be a beta tester on WhatsApp . If it already is, just check that there is no pending update in the Play Store or App Store.
  • Now, open WhatsApp and press the three vertical points that are in the upper right corner. Several options will be displayed and you must enter where it says ‘Linked Devices’.
  • A new window will open where you will press “Beta version for various devices”. Then, click on “Join the beta version”.
  • Go back to the option ‘Linked Devices’ and press the green square that says ‘Link a device’. A camera will open to scan the WhatsApp QR code.
  • Just open WhatsApp Web from a PC, laptop or tablet and scan the QR code.
  • Once you have loaded your WhatsApp account in the web version, turn off the data or the Wi-Fi of your mobile, if you want you can turn off the computer and check that you can chat without any problem.

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