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What will happen in Afghanistan after 31 August?

What will happen in Afghanistan; US President Joe Biden has said that there will be no change in the August 31 date fixed for Afghanistan's

By Ground Report
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Ground Report | New Delhi: What will happen in Afghanistan; US President Joe Biden has said that there will be no change in the August 31 date fixed for Afghanistan's exit. This means that about 6,000 US troops present in Afghanistan will leave the country before that.

When Biden announced this date, there were 2,500 American soldiers there. But after the Taliban captured Kabul, more troops had to be sent so that the civilians present there could be evacuated.

what will happen in Afghanistan?

US officials say that the evacuation of troops should begin by Friday, only then it will be completed by August 31 as it will take several days. These soldiers also include those who are handling the Kabul airport.

After the departure of these soldiers, the speed of civilian evacuation from Afghanistan is expected to slow down. About 20 thousand people are being evacuated daily from there this week. But people are apprehensive about how people will be able to leave after Kabul airport comes under Taliban control.

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The US President said on Tuesday that since August 14, more than 70 thousand people have been evacuated from Afghanistan. These include American citizens, NATO soldiers, and those Afghan citizens considered in danger.

Biden says that America will bring back every citizen who wants to come. Also, as many as possible, those Afghans, whose lives may be in danger, will also be brought.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the US believes that all interested Americans can be evacuated before August 31. So far 4,000 American citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan. But how many more people are left there, it is not known because not everyone had enrolled in the embassy.

What will happen to those who are left behind?

The US has also committed to rescuing about 500 Afghan soldiers who are helping in the security of Kabul airport. At present, dozens of military and civilian aircraft from America and other countries are engaged in the work of evacuating people. And even if this momentum continues till August 31, it is not possible to remove all those people from Afghanistan who are at risk of persecution by the Taliban.

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The Association of Wartime Allies, an organization working for refugees, estimates that there are 2.5 million people who need to be evacuated from Afghanistan. Among them are translators, interpreters, drivers and other personnel who served with NATO forces. But since July, only 62 thousand people have been evacuated.

According to the US State Department, those who remain in Afghanistan after August 31 will be helped and the Taliban will be under pressure to leave Afghanistan safely.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday, "With the end of the military operation, our commitment to the Afghan people who are in danger will not end. We, and the whole world, will make sure that the Taliban will ensure that those who leave Afghanistan." Wish they had a chance to do so."

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