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What should you do with the Pumpkin lanterns post Halloween?

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The first picture that pops up in people’s mind when they hear the name of Halloween is that of Pumpkin Lanterns. People carve out Pumpkin in their homes and make scary faces on it. Inside it is lit with candles and bulbs.

But the use of pumpkin in such a large number also harms the environment.

People just throw the pumpkin the next day, due to which a large amount of methane gas is emitted. This gas affects the environment.

After Halloween, about 1 billion pounds of pumpkins reach landfill sites as waste.

Today, we are going to tell you the ways with the help of which you can celebrate Sustainable Halloween.

Sustainable Halloween

Don’t throw away the pumpkin after Halloween, the pumpkins can be disposed in the below-mentioned to reduce the environmental harms.

  1. Carve out the Pumpkin and separate its seeds. They can be dried, roasted and used as snacks.
  2. If you haven’t done a pumpkin carve and they’re in perfect shape, you can cook it however you want.
  3. Pumpkin is 90% water. Therefore, when it is decomposed, it easily breaks down. You can compost it or give it to the nearest composting site.
  4. You can also bury your Pumpkin in the ground, this will make it grow back and provide nutrients for your soil.
  5. You can also donate Pumpkin Leftovers to Nearest Zoo or Animal Shelters.
  6. If you have local wildlife, you can keep small pieces of Pumpkin for wild life. Deer, Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels and Chipmunks eat pumpkins with passion.
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Halloween and Pumpkin culture

This tradition originated in England or Ireland. Earlier people used turnips to make Scary Lanterns, but after the year 1800, many people moved from England to American and took their tradition with them. Pumpkin has a good yield in the US during the autumn season. And it is softer inside than turnip. Since then people started using Pumpkin to make lanterns.

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