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World recognises India’s efforts to help other nations, says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi today addressed the country through 'Mann Ki Baat' and asked to avoid over-confidence regarding Coronavirus.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the country through 'Mann Ki Baat' and asked to avoid over-confidence regarding Coronavirus.

In the radio program 'Mann Ki Baat' amidst the corona virus havoc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of the country are fighting the fight against the corona virus in India. He said that whether it is business, office culture, education or medical field, everyone is adapting to the changes in the post-corona virus epidemic.

He said that the experience of the whole world has been teaching us a lot, so we should not be over-confident, because the accident happened when Corona was cautious.

"I bow and respect the 130 crore people of this country for what they are doing during this time. Every sector has been innovating during this period. Whether it is people from Aviation or Railways, they are all working to make our lives easier. They are working hard to deliver medicines and other essentials to all parts of the country," PM Narendra Modi says.

PM Modi said that keep all two yards and do not leave the house. He said that I would like to urge you not to get stuck in over-confidence, we should not take the idea that corona has not reached our city, in our village, in our street, in our office yet, so now Is not. See, never make such a mistake. The experience of the world is telling us a lot and in our time it is often said - 'Caution has taken place, the accident has happened'.

PM Modi said that we pledged to deliver medicines to every needy country in the world and showed this work of humanity. Today, when I talk on the phone with the heads of many countries, they definitely express their gratitude to the people of India. When those people say - thank you India, thank you people of India, pride for the country gets further enhanced.

PM Modi said that under the 'Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package', money is being directly transferred to the account of the poor. Old age pension has been issued. Facilities like three months free gas cylinder, ration are also being provided to the poor. In all these works, people from different departments of government, people from banking sector are working day and night like a team. He further said that I will also praise the state governments of our country for playing a very active role in dealing with this epidemic. The responsibility that the local administration and state governments are playing has a huge role in the fight against Corona. His hard work is appreciated.

Our society has changed. We are realising new factors everyday. We are finding new ways to appreciate people who have been helping us. Many on social media are acknowledging the work being done by our coronavirus warriors. Our perception about our police have also changed significantly. This change in perception will play a huge role in future," Prime Minister Narendra Modi says during Mann Ki Baat.

In his closing Mann Ki Baat speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushes for more vigilance from citizens and encourages people to maintain social distancing.

"We should not be overconfident. We should not presume that COVID-19 will not enter our homes, offices and colonies. We have to stay vigilant. We should ensure that we are never negligent. I appeal to you again. 'Do gajj doori, haut hai Zaroori, (Two meter distance is of utmost importance)," PM Modi says.

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