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What is Valentine Teddy Day And Why Do We Celebrate It?

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Valentine Teddy Day; Valentine week starts with cherished and happiness. It starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February. Today is the fourth day of valentine that is teddy day. Valentine days are the festival of love. People who are in love are eagerly waiting for these days in February. They celebrate it with joy and make every day of this week special for loved ones.

This romantic day begins with the rose day which celebrates on 7th February, propose day , chocolate day, teddy day, Promise day, Hug day, kiss day and last but not least is valentine day.

On this day, it is significant for those who celebrate with their partners as they give gift cuddly and cute teddy bears to their loved ones. This week loved ones share their feelings, romance, promises and gifts.

Whereas teddy bears colours significances different meanings for their loved ones. While as red teddy signifies love, pink teddy signifies appreciation, Blue teddy signifies commitment, Green teddy signifies ready to wait for your beloved, orange teddy signifies happiness and hope.

Much like Halloween, Valentine’s Day roots are primarily pagan. The feast of lovers originated in Roman festivals during which men undressed before covering themselves with sheep or dog skin to increase, they thought, their fertility before meeting young girls, as Noel explains. Lenski from the University of Colorado.

The annual, pagan celebration was called the  Lupercalia and was held annually on February 15. The festivities were very popular until the 5th century AD, more than 150 years after Emperor Constantine imposed Christianity on the entire Roman Empire.

The Lupercalia was “clearly a very popular holiday, even in an environment where new Christians were trying to have it banned,” says Noel Lenski. “So there is a reason why Christians appropriated these festivities. The Roman Church then dedicated the festival to Saint Valentine.

People are also sharing posts on social media like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter. People share beautiful quotes on Whatsapp with their loved ones. While on this special day many people share some memes on social media.

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