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Home ยป What is Urban Dictionary, trending on Social Media

What is Urban Dictionary, trending on Social Media

What is Urban Dictionary, trending on Social Media

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Urban Dictionary; A new trend comes to Instagram and now everyone wants to know the meaning of their name to share it with their contacts through stories, so many have joined the trend of discovering what the explanation of the Urban page hides Dictionary.

If you have been watching your stories on Instagram, surely you noticed that your friends are publishing the meaning of their name and if you want to join, here we explain how to do it step by step.

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Explains your name

  • 1.- Actually it is a very simple process because all you have to do is go to the Urban Dictionary page, which is popular because it explains everything like a dictionary, but in a colloquial and casual way.
  • 2.- Write your name in the space of the blank box, which is at the top of the site.
  • 3.- Choose the meaning you like the most, take a screenshot to save the result and be able to share it on Instagram.
  • 4.- Open Instagram and share it from your stories or as a permanent publication; For stories, there are strings in which thousands of people show their results and you can find them in the library of the function.
  • 5.- You can also share it on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or send it by WhatsApp.

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The trend emerged after the publication of a user named @bymayuuu on his Instagram stories. There he summoned other users to show the definition of his name in Urban Dictionary.

As with every platform, the definition was contributed by another Urban Dictionary user, so the definition of a name works in a general way. As if it were the horoscope.

The kind of guy who can make you laugh, but he has a serious side. He gets what he wants when he wants it ”, says for example the answer of the search for the name Gabriel.

Obviously everything became so viral, that millions of people have contributed to the sticker in the stories.

What is Urban Dictionary?

According to his blog, it is a place that was born with the idea of ​​”subverting the authority of the traditional dictionary and documenting our messy, strange and unpredictable language as it evolved.”

It was born in 1999 with the idea of ​​defining new words in which more than 12 million concepts have been defined so far. The developers indicate, through their blog, to have become a source of laughter and an irreplaceable reference made by and for the people.

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