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What is #TheKeralaStory, is it a propaganda film?

What is #TheKeralaStory, is it a propaganda film?

Women often bear the brunt of religious warfare and the upcoming film ‘The Kerala Story’ perfectly captures this. The trailer for the film was released on Thursday and tells the story of a human tragedy as it uncovers the events behind the disappearance of 32,000 women in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The film is about thousands of girls trafficked to ISIS and other “Islamic war zones” over the last ten years. Producer Vipul Shah said “This story is a human tragedy, one that will shake you to the core.

When Sudipto (Sen) came and narrated it to me along with his research of more than 3 or 4 years, he was in tears at the first meeting. That was the same day I decided to make this movie. I’m glad we’re now making progress with the film and look forward to making a very real, unbiased and true narrative of the events.”

The teaser features actress Adah Sharma in her character as a converted Muslim woman, Fatima Ba. In a piece for the camera, the character recounts her ordeal of how she once wanted to serve humanity by becoming a nurse, but she was kidnapped from her home and manipulated by religious vanguards and turned into an ISIS terrorist. She eventually lands herself in a jail in Afghanistan.


As soon as the teaser was released, there was a lot of ruckus on social media. Users on social media are divided into two groups. The teaser released shows that 32,000 women disappeared in Kerala and are now buried in the deserts of Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen. At the same time, some users are fiercely disputing the film regarding the film.

Amidst the ruckus on the teaser, the makers of the film claim that the film only depicts the plot and the truth behind the pain that happened to those women. However, users are trying to run a boycott regarding this film as well. This teaser is only 58 seconds, and it which the story of a woman is shown, who dreamed of becoming a nurse.

It is shown in the teaser that the girl is kidnapped from her house and now she has become ‘Fathima Ba’ from ‘Shalini Unnikrishnan’. Also, he is lodged in a prison in Afghanistan as an ISIS terrorist. Adah Sharma is playing the character of this woman who became ‘Fathima Ba’ from ‘Shalini Unnikrishnan’ in the film.

Many users who strongly opposed the film wrote that the story of ‘The Kerala Story’ is fake propaganda and there is a conspiracy to defame the state. Apart from this, many users say that “another film like ‘The Kashmir Files’ is going to bring the truth on the big screen”. Let us tell you that this film will be released on the big screen next year.

The Kerala Story truth
The Kerala Story truth

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