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What was the purpose of introducing Uniforms in the school?

What is the purpose of introducing Uniforms in the school

Ground Report | New Delhi: Purpose of introducing Uniforms in the school; We live in a world where the way we look and dress determine our social status and become the basis for acceptance in society. Glamorous clothes and fashion are idolised, and people often try to follow such rich things to suit the community. This is often seen in modern schools where such clothing is standard, and students are judged by their physical appearance.

Purpose of introducing Uniforms in the school

Here is a list of reasons why uniforms should be used in place of those clothes:

  1. Equality:

The most important reason for the students to wear the uniform is to give a sense of equality. In today’s world of fashion trends and brands, clothes have become a status symbol for children in schools. The uniform negates this and creates a sense of unity among them. In this way, it does not give bullies from rich backgrounds the opportunity to discriminate and choose the poor with respect to their clothing and, as a result, they do not feel isolated.

  • 2. Focus on learning:

By wearing the uniform, students will no longer feel insecure about the way they look, their social status and there will no longer have low self-esteem. Thus they will not be under pressure to conform to society in terms of their peers and will channel their energy into learning and study.

A standard dress code enables a student to express and define himself, be it in arts, sports, music, academics, irrespective Of the students’ background and will no longer use fashion to determine their creativity

  • 3. Time-Saving:

Nowadays, it is common to see children in a cupboard full of clothes. As a result, children will spend a lot of time deciding the right outfit to wear to school that day. It takes a long time. With the uniform, you’ll know exactly what to wear; you won’t be obsessive about wearing the ‘perfect’ outfit, can avoid arguments with your parents when you’re late for school, and overall will save a lot of time.

  • 4. Discipline:

When you are a student you learn the basic principles of discipline and control which you carry to your old age. Wearing a uniform reduces absenteeism, promotes school attendance, brings attention to their studies and encourages a lot of discipline, focus and good behaviour. Most importantly, it instils presentation skills, which helps them speak confidently and gives motivation and a sense of purpose

  • 5 . Promoting school spirit:

Wearing a uniform instils a sense of belonging, pride and loyalty towards the school, fosters a team working attitude and is reflected when they have to represent their school in inter-school events, clubs, sports and competitions. have to represent.

  • 6. Economical:

It is costly for the parents to spend a huge amount of money on trendy jeans and other designer clothes. School uniforms are not very expensive and you can buy many sets for a very little price. As a result, they will not have to waste their time in making the right choice of clothes and will have to focus more on going to school.

Following the points mentioned above, wearing a uniform while going to school is always a better option.

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