What is the price of the COVID-19 self-test in other countries?

Ground Report | New Delhi:   Price of the COVID-19 self-test in other countries; As the third wave of Covid is spreading in India, the cases of Covid are increasing. The health department in Mumbai, Bangalore is worried because most people are using antigen test kits at home. The government is concerned that when people do tests at home, the government will not be able to know the correct figures and the cases of covid will remain underreported. Let us understand how the antigen test kit works and where you can buy it.

First of all, We must tell you that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved a self-developed rapid antigen test (RAT) kit. by Mylab Discovery Solutions based in Pune. CoviSelf would be the country’s first self-use kit for home testing that will give results in 15 minutes and cost Rs 250.

The company aims to manufacture 40 to 60 million kits per month and cover 95 percent of India’s PIN codes (via pharmacies) in the coming weeks.

The ICMR has issued a notice regarding the use of these self-test kits. Each user must download a mobile app (CoviSelf), and users are encouraged to click on a test strip image after completing the testing procedure with the same mobile phone that was used to download the app and register as a user.

Price of the COVID-19 self-test in other countries

In Spain, the Minister of Health Carolina Darias stated that the self-diagnosis tests will be 2.94 euros (249.65 Indian Rupee).

France, one of the countries hardest hit by the fifth wave of coronavirus infections. Thus, in this country, the test is a maximum of 6 euros (509.49 Indian Rupee).

One of the countries with the most affordable price is Germany, where autotests are found for less than a dollar (74.39 Indian Rupee).

In Switzerland, they cost US$9 (669.48 Indian Rupee).

In Italy, with US$16 (1,190.18 Indian Rupee) you can have a diagnosis in less than 30 minutes.

The COVID-19 self-test in America

In the United States, the prices currently range between US$10 and US$30 (2,231.60 Indian Rupee).

In Argentina, the price varies between US$14 to US$24 (1,785.28 Indian Rupee) depending on the laboratory.

In Chile, companies sell the self-test from US$ 2.44 (181.50 Indian Rupee).

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