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What is the controversy over Maruti corp’s ad shoot in Ladakh?

What is the controversy over Maruti corp’s ad shoot in Ladakh?

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, the Lok Sabha MP from Ladakh, took to social media to share a video of a Maruti car advertisement filmed in his parliamentary seat. He expressed concern about the impact of the shoot on the fragile ecosystem and called for legal action against the car company for prioritizing commercial profits over environmental conservation.

In a tweet, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal emphasized that the ecosystem in the area is fragile and should not be disturbed

“I condemn @Maruti_Corp’s irresponsible advertisement act. The fragile ecosystem should not be destroyed for the sake of commercial gain. I urge the administration to halt the shooting & take legal action as necessary. Let’s preserve the unique beauty of Ladakh for future gen,” Namgyal wrote.

Since being posted on Twitter, the video shared by Jamyang Tsering Namgyal has garnered over 3 lakh views and has sparked mixed reactions from netizens.


A user commented, “Stop all flights to Leh: exhaust gases are bad for a fragile ecosystem. Stop all diesel vehicles: exhaust gases are bad for Ladakh’s fragile ecosystem. Come on Mr Namgyal: didn’t the local authorities know this before giving permission? I see no harm here. Lovely backdrop!”

“By allowing more and more industries to setup plants which destroys Ladakh? Height of double standards,” wrote another.

“You are the MP right and you are not able to stop this legally in your own constituency if you deem this to be not right?” a third user wrote.

Another said “Just wondering what happens to our beautiful Ladakh without tourism..(On another note I really want tourists to be more responsible while travelling).”

“Make tougher rules & all this can be digitally recreated, no need to spoil natural beauty of nature for same,” a user wrote.

“We support your view. Every company and citizen have responsibility to secure our natural assets. Be responsible citizen,” another comment read.

Ladakh, formerly a part of Jammu and Kashmir, is now a Union Territory and is a popular tourist destination due to its awe-inspiring beauty and majestic mountains.

Ladakh is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, tranquil landscapes, and distinctive culture, which is deeply intertwined with its geography. However, the region has experienced swift industrialization and commercialization in recent times, with mining and hydroelectric projects leading to substantial harm to its natural ecosystem.

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