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Why #SaveNandini is trending on Twitter?

Nandini vs amul which is better

People are running the #SaveNandini campaign on social media to save Karnataka Milk Federation’s own milk brand, Nandini. Actually, Gujarat’s Amul is soon going to enter the Karnataka market, due to which people are feeling that Amul will ruin Karnataka’s Nandini and capture its market.

Recently Union Cooperative Minister Amit Shah arrived at the inauguration of a mega dairy project in the Mandya district. Here he said that “if the Karnataka Milk Federation and Gujarat’s Amul work together, it can be ensured that a primary dairy will be established in every village of Karnataka. Amul can provide technical help to Karnataka Milk Federation.”

Why #SaveNandini?

However, opposition parties say that Amit Shah wants to destroy Nandini #SaveNandini by bringing Gujarat’s Amul to Karnataka. In the coming time, Amul will capture the market and the state’s own milk cooperative society will end.

Expressing doubts on social media, people have also written that “Amit Shah wants to take away the business from Kannada people and give it to Gujaratis.”

Bangalore’s hostellers have vowed to use only Kannada milk brand Nandini. There are many ways in which people are becoming a part of #SaveNandini.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that “in the next 3 years, 2 lakh dairies will be set up at the village level across the country. Farmers across the country will be linked to the White Revolution. With this, India will become the world’s largest exporter in the milk sector.”

One Nation One Milk Corporation?

It is believed that the government is planning to bring milk federations in different states of the country under one roof. Some people believe that ‘milk federations of the states will not accept this’, while some people say that “this will be a good step because different milk federations are working in different ways, and the rate of milk also varies. In such a situation One Nation One Milk Federation can be very beneficial.”

Know about Karnataka’s Nandini

Let us tell you that Karnataka is one of those states where cooperative milk societies are doing very well. There are 15,120 village-level cooperative dairies, and more than 26 lakh farmers are associated with these milk dairies. The dairy sector of Karnataka has made a lot of progress in the last 47 years. Under the brand name, Nandini Karnataka milk federation sells its dairy products in the state.

In the year 1975, where 66 thousand kiloliters of milk was processed per day in Karnataka, now it has increased to 82 lakh kiloliters per day. The annual turnover has increased from 4 crores to 25 thousand crores.

A.S. Premnath, former director of the Karnataka Milk Federation, told SouthFirst that ‘there is an unstated rule in the dairy sector in the country that no major dairy firm dominates the market by another dairy corporation. Although there are some exceptions to this.’

Amul is now a national brand

Let us tell you that Amul is leaving its mark across the country, it has now become a national milk brand. Apart from Gujarat, Amul has established its farmer cooperatives in West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Due to this, Amul’s milk volume has increased by 20 percent and farmers have started getting more money for their milk.

Apart from Amul, Mother Dairy is also expanding in North Indian states.

All eyes are now on Karnataka Milk Federation, the country’s second-largest milk federation, so far no proposal has come from KMF to procure milk from other states.

The #SaveNandini campaign highlights how Amul’s road to Karnataka will not be easy.

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