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What is Project Mushroom aiming to replace Twitter?

What is Project Mushroom aiming to replace Twitter?

The billionaire and owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, finally bought the most influential social network in the world, Twitter, for 44,000 million dollars, and due to the many changes that the platform faces after the takeover of Elon Musk, many users wanted to switch over to other similar platforms.

These measures taken by Elon Musk have not been to the liking of many users of the social network, who do not see with good eyes that Twitter is in the hands of the billionaire. If you are part of that group of Internet users, then you should know that there is an alternative to microblogging services. If you’re interested in other pop-up options, see “Try Project Mushroom“.

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus started Project Mushroom on November 4, 2022, as a community-led effort to build a safe place on the Internet. We’re putting together a creator council that will help direct our efforts going forward. This is open to anyone who wants to help build a better online experience that is free from harassment, free from bigotry, and promotes connection, mutual aid, and transformative action at a critical moment in history.

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Eric Holthaus on Twitter wrote “Twitter is “collapsing in real-time”.

What is Project Mushroom?

Project Mushroom was started by Eric Holthaus, a journalist and climate scientist who has dedicated his career to climate justice and equity. We’re also working with former Twitter employees who want to continue their work of providing the world with a better and safer online experience.

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According to information on the website, “Project Mushroom is to focus joy and action. We will hire moderators to enforce our community-led rules, and we will have a firewall that will protect creators from targeted harassment and unwanted attention. We will establish transparent processes to collect input at all steps.

Creator services offered by Project Mushroom

  • Newsletter hosting/publishing (including setup, maintenance, discoverability, and creator tools via Ghost)
  • Live event hosting (audio, video, in-person, and creator support)
  • A curated Mastodon-based social media network
  • Onboarding assistance for your followers to join you

How social media reacts?

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