What is “military-grade laser light” that China used against Philippine ship?

The Philippines has accused China of attacking its boat with military-grade laser light in the South China Sea. The Philippines says its boat was on its way to supply supplies in the disputed South China Sea when China fired laser lights at it to disorient it.

The crew of this Philippine Coast Guard boat were temporarily blinded by the laser light. Because of this, the boat had to return.

The boat was going to deliver supplies to a sunken Philippine naval vessel on the Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea. The Philippines has been staking its claim on this place through the presence of this ship.

What is military-grade laser light?

A laser weapon is a directed energy weapon based on lasers. Military-grade lasers are specifically designed for demanding requirements for military deployment. Operating temperature range, shock and vibration, and size, weight, and power limitations are among the critical considerations when choosing a laser for military-grade applications or any application deployed in harsh environments.

Most military-grade lasers are direct diode sources or DPSS lasers due to their long life and minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, these lasers are resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as water and dust, and generally have an ingress protection rating of IP65 or higher.

Philippine statement

In a statement, the PCG also said the Chinese ship manoeuvred dangerously close, some 137 meters, in an attempt to prevent the Philippine patrol boat BRP Malapascua from approaching Second Thomas Shoal, where the incident occurred.

The Second Thomas Shoal is located about 195 km off the coast of the Philippine province of Palawan, which has been occupied by a small Philippine military contingent.

“The deliberate blockade of Philippine government ships to deliver food and supplies to our military personnel aboard the BRP Sierra Madre is flagrant disregard and a clear violation of the sovereign rights of the Philippines in this part of the West Philippine Sea,” it added.

A video released by the Philippine authorities shows a Chinese coast guard ship blocking the path of a Philippine ship from a distance and subsequently emitting a green laser.

China issued statement

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the Philippine coast guard ship illegally entered Chinese waters without permission on February 6. He also, in turn, urged the Philippines to “avoid such actions” and that the actions of his staff were “professional”. and restricted”, as well as in accordance with Beijing and international law.

He added: “We hope the Philippines will seriously respect China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea and avoid any action that may lead to expansion of the dispute and complication of the situation.”


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