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What is happening in Panjshir?

What is happening in Panjshir; The Afghan Taliban, after gaining control of most of the country's districts, are now consulting to form a ,

By Ground Report
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Taliban is building an army of one lakh members

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening in Panjshir; The Afghan Taliban, after gaining control of most of the country's districts, are now consulting to form a government, but the issue of Panjshir Province remains unresolved and the Taliban and the "Resistance Front" in Panjshir, led by Ahmed Masood, The two sides are claiming each other's lives.

What is happening in Panjshir?

Panjshir is located about 80km from the Afghan capital, Kabul. The province is a valley surrounded by mountains. In the past, there has been resistance from Panjshir against various forces, especially Soviet forces, and Ahmad Shah Masood of Panjshir, known as 'Sher Panj Sher'. Their path was blocked by.

Similarly, in the 1990s, the Taliban government was not allowed to occupy Panjshir and the Taliban faced stiff resistance from Ahmad Shah Massoud's forces and the situation is the same again.

The Panjshir resistance militia includes the former Afghan army and the Panjshir local militia, AFP reported today (September 3rd). Army chief Sami Sadat, formed by former President Ashraf Ghani during the Afghan army's war with the Taliban, is also part of the Panjshir Resistance Force, while former army generals are also fighting the Taliban.

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According to AFP, Amir Khan Muttaqi, head of the Afghan Taliban's Da'wah Commission, said in an audio message yesterday: "We tried hard to resolve the Panjshir issue through talks, but it did not happen. Now that the talks have failed and the Taliban have laid siege to Panjshir, some people still do not want to resolve the issue peacefully.

Addressing the people of Panjshir, Amir Muttaqi had said that it was now up to the people of Panjshir to talk to the resistance (so that the issue could be resolved peacefully).

Taliban launched attack on Pannshir

On the other hand, Defence Minister Bismillah Mohammadi in the Ashraf Ghani government said that the Taliban launched an attack on Panjshir on Tuesday, but they were defeated there and 34 Taliban fighters were killed. 

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid's secretary Bilal Karimi claimed in a message to the BBC that the Taliban had made progress in Panjshir last night and that Khak district was completely under their control. Goods and weapons have also been seized.

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Bilal Karimi said the Taliban had also seized the main gate of Panjshir and more than seven members of the front, including three commanders, had been killed in the past three hours, while seven Taliban had been killed and two wounded.

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi added that the siege had been tightened at several places in Panjshir and some people were contacting them about surrendering.

Anti-Taliban forces, on the other hand, say they have control of all routes to Panjshir and have killed "hundreds of Taliban."

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