What is happening in Eastern Ukraine?

Eastern Ukraine has been in the news since 2014 as Russia annexed parts of eastern Ukraine, Crimea. The Russian separatist groups in eastern Ukraine especially in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions have sought independence since the same year. Russian backed separatists held a significant part of the territory even before the invasion. The governor of Luhansk has said the Russians have taken control of over 90% of the area.

Invasion of Donbas Region

Russian separatists already held most part of the Donbas region. The Russian military has taken full control of Severodonetsk and Ukrainian forces withdrew from the region. This comes as one of the big achievements for Russia as taking control of this part means taking most of the region of Luhansk. The Institute of the study of war said that Ukraine’s call to withdraw its forces was strategically sound.

While Severodonetsk was one of the industrial hubs that will help Russia with full capture of the Donetsk and Luhansk region, Ukraine has launched an investigation into the war crimes that happened since the invasion of the country. It is to be noted that according to officials thousands of war crimes have been committed in the Eastern Donbas region itself and jailed two Russian soldiers somewhere else in the country. 

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The conditions in eastern Ukraine and the frontline in Donbas have become extremely terrifying and call for desperate measures. A 42-year-old woman in an apartment in the Lysychansk city of easter Ukraine said “We see some cars driving around with Ukrainian flags, so we figure that means we are still part of Ukraine,”

“But otherwise, we are in the dark.”

Russian troops are moving forward to the north of the region to Popasana with the main supply route Bakhmut to Lysychansk bombarded by Russian forces. Some reports suggest Lyman is also now under the control of the Russian military, forces are now trying to take the city of Slovyansk.

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