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What is Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki’s viral video controversy?

What is Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki’s viral video controversy?

Gujarat Congress Senior Leader Bharatsinh Solanki is again mired in controversy after his viral video with his alleged girlfriend went viral on social media.

Now a video of the Congress leader showing Bharatsinh Solanki, his wife Reshma Patel and another girl has gone viral. Reshma Patel suddenly entered the house and created a ruckus when a girl was found with Bharatsinh Solanki.

The viral video showed Solanki’s estranged wife, Reshma, entering a house and hitting a woman seen with the former, after accusing her of “snatching” her husband. The viral video is said to have been shot by one of the people who came with Reshma Patel. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the person seen in the viral video is Bharatsinh Solanki.

In the video, ‘You are sitting with my husband… I will not leave you…’ and more phrases like ‘Take the video of this’ and ‘Show your face’ are heard. Meanwhile, the girl is seen trying to hide her face.

“I have decided to take a break from active politics for a few months and will focus on social activities. I will spend more time meeting Dalits, tribals, minorities and people from other backward communities during this period,” he told a news conference.

Although it was speculated that the decision was made by party directive, Solanki stated that “I have not received any instructions from the high command.”

Attacking his estranged wife over the issue, the 68-year-old leader said she was playing into the hands of her political opponents ahead of the state’s scheduled Assembly elections later this year. “It is obvious that she is playing into the hands of those who want to harm me and Congress in the next (state) election. Opposition parties are interested in these issues because they want to take advantage of defaming my image and that of Congress”, he stated.

Solanki said he has already filed for divorce and argued that his estranged wife, whom he married in 1999, was interested in his property and posed a danger to his life. “We haven’t lived together for many years. I am seeking a divorce because she tried to harm me in the past to take my property. She even contacted an exorcist to take my life. I can get married again if I divorce her.” she”. The court will hear my request for divorce on June 15,” Solanki alleged.

Solanki, 68, is the son of the late Gujarat Prime Minister Madhavsinh Solanki, the proponent of the famous KHAM (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi, Muslims). His father, Madhavsinh Solanki, was Gujarat’s longest-reigning Prime Minister of Congress and his maternal grandfather, Ishwarsinh Chavda, was a four-time MP from the same district he now represents.

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