What Happens In Cap Vermell, A film that change you

What Happens In Cap Vermell is a story of love and heartbreak, of human relationships, of chance encounters and exceptional characters. A succession of moments linked together that all occur in one place, Cap Vermell, a heavenly, incomparable backdrop where anything can happen.

The film, by the Canary Islands director Roberto Pérez Toledo, was shot last May in the Cap Vermell destination, a stunning zone surrounded by nature and the sea. The lead character is the Majorcan actor Toni Sastre, known for his roles in the series Hotel Bellavista (IB3) and Yo Quisiera (Divinity), who is debuting in the film as a lead actor.

Imdb Rating: 5.5
Watch free: Link1
Country: Spain
Genre: Drama
Duration: 42 min

This movie is about a man who visit to Cap Vermell, where he was suppose to visit with her wife. But unfortunately his marriage got cancelled. So he decide to visit this place alone. When he came here he was broke and sad but he met strangers who let him overcome his breakup. There he met yoga instructor who teach him very important lessons of life. Dialogues and cinematography of this film keep you engaged for 42 minutes. Lo que ocurre en Cap Vermell is a story of love and heartbreak, of human relationships, of chance encounters and exceptional characters. After watching this film you will feel relaxed and calm. This Movie make you fall in love again.

What Happens In Cap Vermell SYNOPSIS:

Lucas has just arrived at Cap Vermell, a heavenly and idyllic setting that he initially travelled to to enjoy, but he arrives there feeling down, dejected and alone with his suitcase. The hotel reservation was for the wedding suite, a honeymoon cut short by a last-minute decision. Marie, now his ex, didn’t travel with him, having cancelled the wedding the day before it should have taken place. Lucas doesn’t want to hear any mention of love and thinks that feelings only serve to cause harm. But this is a perception of life and the world that will change over the coming days in Cap Vermell.

Here he will experience something that will make him change inside and out, after meeting Marisa the yoga teacher; Dani, a young man who falls easily in love; Agne and Félix, a married couple celebrating forty years together; Tino and Lars, a couple with a rather unconventional concept of relationships; and also Ángel and Quique, staff at the hotel. Each and every one of them, in some way or another, show Lucas that there are places that change you and help you move on. And that to feel and to love is unavoidable… and unforeseeable.

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