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What are the biggest risks on the internet in India

A new research by Microsoft has revealed that unwanted contact, unwanted sexting, hate language, trolling and rude behavior are the five biggest risks associated with internet usage in India.

Unwanted contact, unwanted sexting, hate language, trolling and rude behavior – these are the five biggest risks associated with using the Internet in India, according to a new research by Microsoft. For this research, the researchers of the company interacted with people using the Internet from 13 years to 74 years.

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Research showed that about 79 percent of the people had to face one or two of these risks on the Internet two or more times. About 98 percent of the people suffered some form or the other because of these risks. Perhaps this is the reason why 80 percent of the people expressed concern that these risks will come before them.

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Researchers came to know that there is a definite relationship between the introduction of the guilty person and the increase in risk from him. 45 percent of the participants in the research were people who have met the guilty person in real life. In contrast, 55 percent had never met the guilty person.

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Young girls feel more at risk than boys. Among adult groups, people called Millennials, ie those who were born between 1981 and 1996, have been found to face the highest risk. At least 80 percent of women feel that such risks have become a major problem. At the same time, this figure is 77 percent among men.

On this occasion, Microsoft also released a new version of its Digital Civility Index, which assesses decent behavior on the Internet. In India, this index has recorded an increase of 12 points in a year and now it is at 71 percent. The higher the country whose score on the index, the greater the decline in civilized behavior on the Internet.

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Among the subjects on which rude behavior is highest in India, the gender trend is at the forefront with a score of 40 percent. After this comes religion (39 percent), politics (37 percent), physical appearance (31 percent) and gender identity (29 percent). The highest risk on the Internet is also on social media sites.

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