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What are new revelation on Coimbatore blast?

What are new revelation on Coimbatore blast?

The investigation of the Coimbatore blast case has been extended to Kerala due to suspicions that the young man killed in the blast visited a person in a Kerala prison in 2020.

According to reports, the deceased, Jameesha Mubin, was suspected of visiting Muhammed Azharduddin at Viyyur Central Prison in Thiruvananthapuram. The latter was involved in a case related to ISIS. A preliminary investigation of the visit of any of those persons was negative; however, it is now being investigated whether the person used a fake ID.

The status of WhatsApp also indicated that Mubin knew that he was committing errors and did not want people around him to remember his mistakes and mistakes.

In Tamil it reads – “Yen marana seythi ungalai adainthal
Yen thavarugalai manniyungal
Yen kuraigalai maraiththu vidungal
Yen janasaavil kalandhu kollungal
Yenakaga prarthanai seiiyungal.”

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act has been invoked against those accused in Sunday’s car explosion that killed one person, Coimbatore police revealed on Tuesday, hours after announcing the arrest of five people for the crime.

Police identified those arrested as Muhammad Talka, Muhammed Azharuddin, Muhammed Riyaz, Firoze Ismail and Muhammed Nawaz Ismail, all in their twenties.

The National Investigation Agency questioned some of the people arrested in 2019. The police are also investigating their activities after that, the city’s police commissioner V. Balakrishnan said.

Balakrishnan said that in addition to the UAPA, sections of the IPC, including the conspiracy section, had been invoked.

“We are investigating. Some of the arrested suspects have visited Kerala to meet with their accomplices like Mohammed Azharuddin in prison. All this we will know after the investigation. The UAPA Act has been invoked. Forensic investigation is also being done on what that was inside the LPG cylinder that exploded. NIA had conducted an investigation into some of those involved in this explosion and we have been investigating their activities after that. We are looking at all the CCTV footage at and around the crime scene. it has collected a lot of CCTV footage and it is being investigated,” said V.Balakrishnan.

However, the explosion of the car, the arrests, the investigation and the fact that the DGP has rushed to the scene, traveling 600 kilometers from Chennai, together with senior officials, indicates that the explosion has shaken the administration. He showed that the situation was volatile.

The Tamil Nadu BJP had previously asked why the police had not specified the reasons for the arrest of the five and the sections under which they had been detained.

Tamil Nadu’s opposition parties on Tuesday criticized the state’s DMK government for deteriorating law and order.

“This government is treating the police as an agency for their vendetta without giving them power to reprimand wrongdoers, so there are reports that this is an intelligence failure,” opposition leader Edappadi Palaniswami said in a statement.

“Is this an accident caused by an exploding gas cylinder or is it a conspiracy?” BJP state president K Annamalai wrote on Twitter, while questioning Prime Minister MK Stalin’s silence on what he termed a suicide bomb attack. “It is a clear terrorist act with links to ISIS,” Annamalai said.

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