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What actually happened with Juan Carlos Alviarez, Killed while saving GF?

What actually happened with Juan Carlos Alviarez, Killed while saving GF

Ground Report | New Delhi: Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez has died in a maritime accident off the coast of Miami (Florida, USA). According to local media, Escotet and his partner participated in a fishing championship in the Los Cayos area in a boat owned by him called Otoro.

According to reports, “the bride accidentally fell into the water due to a stumble by the captain, when he approached to help the boy who was struggling with a fish with the rod.” The propeller of the boat was the one that caused the death of Juan Carlos Escotet while his girlfriend managed to get out of the water by her own means.

The couple planned to marry next November 2022. They usually went fishing in the company of friends. On the boat’s Instagram profile, Escotet Jr. can be seen with his fishing trophies.

According to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report obtained by the newspaper, Escotet Alviarez dove into the water to save Montero after she fell overboard, but he immediately hit the boat’s propeller. and died as a result of his injuries.

Alviarez was dragged by the motor of the 60-foot boat about six miles off the coast of Key Largo, according to the FWC report. Based on the size of the ship, experts say the propeller was probably up to 36 inches in diameter. The couple, who was to marry in November, was participating in a fishing tournament organized by the Ocean Reef Club, a gated community.

Escotet Alviárez had studied at the University of Miami and was director of Banesco USA, the North American division of the Venezuelan bank Banesco that his father founded and where his brothers also work. He was the third son of Juan Carlos Escotet, also president of the Spanish entity Abanca after buying Banco Etcheverría, and the economist María Isabel Alviárez.

Banesco USA officials did not return a message seeking more details about the March 12 death. On March 13, Venezuelan media paid tribute online to Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, who reportedly planned to marry his fiancé Montero in November. His remains will be buried in Miami.

According to Forbes, Alviarez’s father, Juan Carlos Escotet, 62, is the founder of the Venezuelan bank Banesco and has a fortune of $3.5 billion. In 1959, Alviarez’s father, Juan Carlos Escotet, was born in Madrid and grew up in Venezuela as one of eight children of Spanish immigrants. At 17, he began working full time as a messenger for Banco Union while studying economics at night.

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