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Watch, Khana-e-Kaaba: Who was the one who tried the attack in Mecca?

A man was arrested by police in Makkah

Ground Report | New Delhi: Khana-e-Kaaba: Last Friday in Saudi Arabia, an attack on an Imam of Khana-e-Kaaba in Mecca was attempted, which is being investigated by the Saudi authorities. In Saudi media, this incident has been told that on Friday, during the prayer ceremony in Mecca, a person sitting there suddenly ran towards the posture or stage from where the Imam was fighting, that is, giving a speech.

Photographs of the incident aired live on TV, in which it is seen that the security personnel present there immediately hold down the person wearing the sacred dress worn in Mecca.

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The newspaper Arab News has reported that preliminary investigation has revealed that the attacker is a Saudi citizen, who claims to be an ‘Imam Mahdi’ himself. Gulf News says that authorities have conducted a medical examination to find out her mental state. According to a report in the newspaper Gulf News, then the spokesman of the Mecca region said that the suspected attacker was shouting slogans in support of the extremist groups on the first floor of the mosque, after which he was arrested.

A video of this incident was also revealed, in which a man wearing a holy dress and a mask is seen walking with something in his hand, and people around him see him, then the security personnel come there. In June of 2017, there was a news of an attempt to attack the Kaaba. Then Saudi Arabia said that an extremist plan to target the holy mosque of Kaaba in Mecca has been thwarted.

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A spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry had said that security forces surrounded a suicide bomber while he was in a residential building, after which he blew himself up. 11 people, including some policemen, were injured when the building collapsed. Five other suspected extremists were detained.

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