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War is over, inclusive Islamic govt will be formed: Taliban

Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar
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Ground Report | New Delhi: War is over,; “Now is the time to test the Taliban,” said Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, head of the Taliban’s political office after the capture of the Afghan capital, Kabul. “I congratulate the honorable people of Afghanistan on the great victories, especially the people of Kabul,” he said in his speech.

“Our message to the Mujahideen is that the way we have achieved success in Afghanistan was unthinkable and unexpected,” he added. But it was with the help and support of Allah Almighty that Allah has bestowed such achievements on us. Therefore, we should all give thanks to Allah and not allow any arrogance and pride to happen to us.

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War is over

Addressing the Taliban fighters, he said, “Now is the time for you to take on more responsibility than ever before. Because now is the time to test and test us. We have to work on how we can ensure the lives and property of our people, the peace and order of the country, and the peace of the people.

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In his speech, Mullah Abdul Ghani Brady told the Afghan people: “We assure the people that just as God has blessed us with such great victories, we will do our utmost to protect your life and property and your happiness.”

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United States, urged Taliban to allow Afghans to leave country

However, the State Department released a statement signed by its closest allies, while Secretary of State Anthony Blanken wrote on Twitter: “The United States reiterates to the international community that those who wish to leave Should be allowed to do.

“It is the responsibility and accountability of those in power and authority across Afghanistan to protect human life,” the joint statement said.

Officials said Sunday that the United States had lowered the flag at its embassy in Kabul and that almost all of its staff had been transferred to the airport, where US forces are in control of air traffic.

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The Pentagon and State Department said in a joint statement: “We are taking a number of steps to secure the Hamid Karzai International Airport so that the safe departure of US and allied personnel from Afghanistan by civilian and military flights is possible.”

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