What Maharashtra Police is doing to stop cyber crimes against women and child?

M.S.Naula | Mumbai

With growing digital financial transactions, the cybercrimes are also increasing. To effectively contain these crimes it is necessary that the investigating agencies must go digital. To counter this the Maharashtra Cyber of State Police is well prepared and Maharashtra is leading state in investigation of cybercrimes, says state Special Inspector General of Police (IGP) Brijesh Singh.

Anyone can register complaints related to child pornography and crimes against women on helpline phone number 155260 or register on CCPWC website.

What CCPWC is ?

The central government has launched the Cyber Crime Prevention against Womenand Child (CCPWC) website to register complaints of crimes against women and children coming from various websites. We have organised a workshop to provide guidance about how to receive the complaint and how to proceed with proper action.This website is launched to arrest the crimes against women and children.

The website ,CCPWC is being launched to register complaints about child pornography and indecent info about women. Immediate action is required on these complaints and the information about these complaints is checked by the Home Ministry on daily basis. The cyber labs are ready to investigate the cybercrimes with all required material and system.

For the complaints of cybercrimes related to women and child a website http://www.cybercrime.gov.in has been launched. The complaints on this websites are immediately attended and action is taken on cases related to rape, gang rape, and child pornography. The complaints are sent to the concerned police stations within 24 hours for further action which these police stations take.

Citizens can register complaints related to child pornography and crimes against women on helpline phone number 155260 .

The new addition is that till now only complaints related to crimes against women and children were accepted on CCPWC. But in the coming days, all complaints of cybercrimes will be received in National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (NCRP) website. This will increase the responsibility of cyber police. Required training is being provided to the police to enable them to crack the crimes committed by using latest technology this is our priority too. Singh said.

Digital media has become the most important and common in today’s world. The use of digital media has increased in our daily life from ticket booking to ordering meals. With this cybercrimes are also increasing and as these crimes do not have geographical limitations, their resolution becomes more complicated to crack these crimes. Maharashtra Cyber has set up cyber police stations and cyber laboratories in each district. The employees are trained of latest technology and are supplied with necessary software and other system to crack these crimes.’ IGP Singh informed.