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Home » HOME » Vikas Trivedi insults Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar, Who is he?

Vikas Trivedi insults Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar, Who is he?

Vikas Trivedi insults Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar, Who is he

Ground Report | New Delhi: Vikas Trivedi Ambedkar Insult; Bahujan Samaj has opened a front against BBC journalist Vikas Trivedi, who insulted Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar. People on social media start trending #ArrestVikasTrivedi and demanding the arrest of Vikas Trivedi. Vikas Trivedi had made a tweet mocking Dr. Ambedkar, after which tremendous resentment is visible in the Bahujan society.

Vikas Trivedi Ambedkar Insult

Vikas Trivedi deleted his controversial tweet but did not apologize. He wrote, ‘@jagishaarora The light-hearted tweet that I had tweeted in response to your tweet, may have been misunderstood by some people. But if anyone’s sentiments are hurt, I have deleted that tweet.

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Another user wrote Wherever these Manuwadi forces are getting a chance in the country, they are destroying the statue of Ambedkar, attacking him. It is clear that the biggest threat to these forces is from Ambedkar and his ideology.

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Another user wrote “This slander discloses the core and heart of brahminism or hinduism that they still refuse to reform or change.”

In fact, a user named Jagisha Arora had shared one of the 22 vows of Baba Saheb on Twitter, in which it was written, ‘I will not have faith in any Hindu deity, including Gauri-Ganapati and will not worship them’.

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In response to this post of Jagisha, Vikas Trivedi wrote, ‘Baba Saheb must have said this after eating puri-sabzi with oil of Bhandara found in Pakka Shivratri’.

Who is Vikas Trivedi

Now many people are saying that Vikas Trivedi of BBC not only made fun of Babasaheb’s pledge but even called him a man of demand. People have strongly opposed this action of Vikas Trivedi.

Sahil Valmiki wrote, ‘This is a BBC journalist, Vikas Trivedi. See how hate is booming in the stomach.’

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