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Vikas Dubey Encounter, a bad script?

The filmy encounter of the gangster Vikas Dubey has raised a few questions on Uttar Pradesh police’s conduct.

By Rashi
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Vikas Dubey Encounter, a bad script?

The filmy encounter of the gangster Vikas Dubey has raised a few questions on Uttar Pradesh police’s conduct. Vikas Dubey was a dreaded criminal with around 60 criminal cases against him including murder charges. He was the main accused of the Kanpur encounter on the night of 2-3 July, in which eight police personnel were killed including two senior officials.

Since then Dubey was on a run and police was chasing him in all the states around UP. At the end he was caught on Thursday morning in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh after slipping from police’s hands in Faridabad where he was spotted on Wednesday morning. On Friday morning, he was killed in an encounter around 30 kilometers away from Kanpur.

Many Oopposition leaders questioned the conduct of UP Police.

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Dubey was being taken back to Kanpur from MP, when the car he was taken in met with an accident. As per the police statement, he snatched the gun from an injured police man and tried to run in the adjacent fields. The police surrounded him and tried to get him to surrender, to which he refused. He rather shot the gun at police personnel which initiated a cross fire. In the cross fire, he got injured and succumbed to bullet injuries at the hospital where he was declared dead.

However, a few questions have been left unanswered.

Why he was not handcuffed?

On Thursday morning, a close aide of Dubey, Prabhat Mishra was also killed in a similar incident where he tried to flee by taking the gun of the police personnel. Then, why did the police not handcuff or chain Dubey considering he has a history of around 60 criminal cases?

Why was he being taken from car?

On Thursday, when the police got the information of Dubey being in Ujjain, the Special Task Force (STF) of the UP police had flown to MP in a chartered flight. Why did they not take Dubey to UP in the same flight? Why was the route for travel changed despite of indications of him being carried in the flight?

Pic: While Gangster Vikas Dubey was arrested in Ujjain.

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Why was the media vehicles stopped before Vikas Dubey Encounter?

Since Dubey was a fierce criminal, the police convoy carrying him was being followed by media vehicles, which was stopped around two kilometers before the site of the encounter at a toll plaza. Was the media stopped to cover the events of the encounter and hide something?

Is there any information about the political support Dubey had?

Dubey not only had political connections, but had also fought and won ZilaPanchayat elections in 2000 from the jail. He clearly had political support. So, this question can be raised, that his arrest could have meant severe accusations on various political leaders and that is why this whole Bollywood style encounter was planned to protect the political powers behind him.

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And above all, why did he surrender in Ujjain if he wanted to escape. Why would he do that soon after entering the UP border and not earlier? Similar questions have been raised by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi and Samajwadi Party leader AkhileshYadav as well.

Written By Rashi, She is doing her Masters in Convergent Journalism from Jamia AJKMCRC, New Delhi.

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