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Home » Video: Yogi Adityanath calls Muslims Kathmulla

Video: Yogi Adityanath calls Muslims Kathmulla

Video: Yogi Adityanath calls Muslims Kathmulla

Ground Report | New Delhi: Yogi Adityanath Muslims Kathmulla; Uttar Pradesh Chief Miniter Yogi Adityanath is no stranger to controversy, from love jihad to forced conversions to Shah Rukh Khan, he is known for his provocative statements, mostly directed against the minority community.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Yogi made a controversial comment against Muslims and calls them as KuthMulla.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said, “The use of a word like “Kath-Mulla” does not embellish a Chief Minister. But one whose ideology is built on the foundation of hatred, one cannot expect anything from him. This thinking is at least 70 years older than the thinking of the Taliban”.

Journalist RanaAyyub on Twitter wrote “The Chief Minister of the largest state in India openly referring to Muslims as ‘Kathmulla’ on a national news channel. How much more humiliation of the Muslim community, the dogwhistle against minorities is enough for the courts of this country to intervene”.

Another user wrote “Please take 36 seconds and watch this. TW: horrific slurs for muslims have been used twice in the video. And so casually. Lovely. Hope you have a good morning too.”

“Language of CM of a state😤..& godi Anchor is smiling🙄. Worse is tht there’s no outrage.Bfre ths Yogi pass his comments UP mein BJP nehi jitega to Bengal,Kerala,Kashmir ki tarah ho jayega.There r 2 muslim leaders in BJP. Would like to hear their views on this ‘KathMulla’ slur??” another user said.

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Another user said “Really it is very shameful the language a person speaking out from such a high responsible position… It is very unfortunate that our country /state tolerating /facing such mind/ thoughts having CM…”

On February 11, 2022, BJP MLA Raghvendra Pratap Singh also made a controversial comment against Muslims: “Since I became an MLA, they (Muslims) have stopped wearing skull caps. If you vote for me again, they will start wearing tilaks.”

Singh continues in the video: “Will there be ‘Jai Shri Ram’ or ‘Walekum Salam’?” As his followers respond with slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’, Singh asks them to swear by Goddess Durga that they will support the saffron festival. “Durga ji is here with us, promise once in front of her,” he says. (Yogi Adityanath Muslims Kathmulla)

This is not the only video of Singh giving polarizing speeches. In another video, the sound of azan (Muslim call to prayer) is heard from a nearby mosque as Singh says: “Listen up you bastards [referring to Muslims], I’ll check your microphone and see if you have permission [for it] or not. . And if you don’t have permission, I will remove the microphone from your mosque.”

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