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Home » Video: Hong Kong Couple Having Sex in Hotel Jacuzzi

Video: Hong Kong Couple Having Sex in Hotel Jacuzzi

Video: Hong Kong Couple Having Sex in Hotel Jacuzzi

A raunchy couple was caught having sex in an outdoor hot tub at a Hong Kong hotel. Two videos of the couple have appeared on social networks causing a lot of furore.

According to Hong Kong media, under the law, anyone found exposing themselves in public could face a fine of HK$1,000 (approximately $127) and a six-month jail sentence.

The 35-second video, shot from the cameraman’s verandah, shows an unidentified man performing a lecherous sexual act on a woman in an outdoor hot tub one floor below in full view and within earshot of surrounding rooms. In both shots, the woman is seen enjoying a bowl of noodles, giving a whole new meaning to “sending noodles.”

The Daily Star reported that the anonymous guest recorded the lewd act in the North Point area of ​​Hong Kong on July 1. “I didn’t expect to see people doing this when I was standing on my balcony,” the cameraman was quoted as saying.

In one of the videos, a naked woman is seen sitting on the edge of the pool, with her legs submerged in the water, eating from a bowl. Her partner, who is still in the pool, has his head between his legs. Another clip shows the couple inside the pool as the woman moves up and down on the man’s lap as they remain underwater from the waist down.

The New York Post reported that public sex is illegal in Hong Kong. Hong Kong lawyer Albert Luk Wai-hung was quoted by the outlet as saying: “A person who, without legal authority or excuse, in any public place or in public view, indecently exposes any part of his body shall be guilty. of one and shall be liable to a fine and imprisonment of up to six months”.

According to the lawyer, the videos that went viral on social media groups, including WhatsApp, the videographer could also be punished for recording and publishing the obscene act. “In addition to this rule, the video taker may also have violated the Obscene and Indecent Items Control Ordinance and could be appropriately punished,” he said.

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