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Video games will now be available on Netflix

Video games; Streaming giant Netflix plans to step into the world of video gaming after TV shows and movies.The platform has announced

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Video games

Ground Report | New Delhi: Video games; Streaming giant Netflix plans to step into the world of video gaming after TV shows and movies. The platform has announced that it has acquired the services of a former Facebook executive who will help add video gaming to its services.

The company announced this week that Mike Verdo, former vice president of Facebook, will now serve as vice president of game development at Netflix and will report to Chief Operating Officer Greck Peters.

Prior to joining Facebook, Verdo served as Mobile's Senior Vice President for Electronic Arts, where he played mobile games such as 'Plants vs. Zombies Two', 'The Sims Free Play' and 'Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes'.

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A source close to the matter told Bloomberg that Netflix also wants to offer video games on its platform within the next year . Netflix currently has no plans to charge more for this service.

Shares of Netflix rose 3.3% after Bloomberg reported the news on Wednesday.

Netflix is ​​working to expand its market, as well as open programs for children's programs, merchandise online stores and partnerships with leading Hollywood celebrities such as Steven Spielberg. Netflix's use is similarly higher in markets such as the United States, and its users outnumber competitors such as Disney Plus and HBO Max.

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Netflix has previously experimented with interactive programming, such as 'Black Mirror: Bendersnech' and 'Your Versus Wild', in which users can make role decisions.

It has also purchased rights to develop games based on shows such as Stranger Things and MoneyHist, in which users will be able to run their own story and characters.

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