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VIDEO: Dance of female went viral, husband divorced

Dance of female went viral, husband divorced

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dance of female went viral; Recently, a dance video of Aaya Yusuf, a 30-year-old primary school teacher, went viral on social media, causing her husband to divorce her and lose his job. This measure has started a new debate on the violation of women’s rights. In this short video made by Mobile, Yusuf, dressed in a scarf and long-sleeved shirt, is seen dancing and smiling with his colleagues on a boat on the Nile River.

But this video that is going viral online has created controversy. Some critics have called the dance a violation of the values ​​of Islamic society, while others have sympathized with the women and supported it. In recent years, there have been several incidents in Egypt where women have been smeared on social media. Therefore, citizens have demanded responsibilities from those responsible.

The case comes at a time when fundamental rights activists have warned of a widespread crackdown on free expression in the conservative North African country since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took office in 2014.

In a recent interview with a news agency, the woman said, “She was happy with her trip and her dance was an expression of that joy. Some companions danced with me and some waved their hands in the air. We all danced. .” Since the video was shared online, some have strongly criticized it, calling it “indecent”. Shameful.” Another user, Ahmed Al-Bahira, wrote that “how can a married woman dance in such a ridiculous way.”

Dance of female went viral

A crestfallen Youssef told Egypt Independent that her ‘life has been destroyed because of the video. “My life was destroyed because of the video from an unscrupulous person who tried to tarnish my reputation and brought the camera close to me only to show me in a bad manner,” she told the publication.

“I really made a mistake because I was happy and played with people who were not honest. People bullied and insulted me. I lost my job, my husband, my home, and my mother got sick. My family was impacted by what happened,” she added. The treatment meted out to Youssef sparked a huge uproar from women’s rights advocates in Egypt. Some said Youssef was a victim of a witch hunt.

But in a country where 90 percent of women aged 18 to 39 reported harassment in 2019, they have stood by the woman. After the video went viral, Egypt’s education department ordered the teacher to appear before a disciplinary committee in the Dakahlia area, northeast of Cairo, where Aya Yusuf was fired. But Yusuf’s job has since been restored due to strong public opposition.

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