Video: Dalit man beaten up dragged with belt in neck in Muzaffarnagar

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dalit man dragged in Muzaffarnagar; In Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, a video is viral on social media, in which a domineering head husband, along with his relative, crossing all limits of humanity, beat up a Dalit man with his shoes and also the victim

A video of a Dalit man identified as Jhabar Singh from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district being thrashed by “upper caste”. Police have arrested two people in the case.

The video shows the Dalit man being beaten up by the village head and a relative and then dragged around his neck with a dupatta. A person named Jhabar Singh filed an FIR at the nearest Bhopa police station, naming village head Sanjay Chauhan’s husband and his relative Omprakash Chauhan, as the main culprits.

The incident reportedly took place on Monday when a meeting was called to resolve a dispute between two Dalit families of Bihargarh village in Muzaffarnagar’s Bhopa district, and village head Sanjay Chauhan and Omprakash Chauhan’s husband were present as adjudicators. was spotted.

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Rights activist lawyer Suraj Kumar Bauddh shared the video on Twitter and wrote “Vill head Sanjay Thakur thrashed a SC man with shoes by putting a strap around his neck in UP’s Muzaffarnagar. This is horrifying. Pls look into this & ensure strict action against the goons. @dgpup @NCSC_GoI”

Jhabar Singh objected to the presence of the husband and the relative of the village head in the meeting, saying that they could settle their internal matter on their own. “Where were you before?” He asked.

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The Chauhan pair were reportedly incensed by Singh’s remarks and turned violent before other attendees could defuse the tension. However, the duo caught the Dalit man, dragged and thrashed him later in the evening after the meeting ended. Its video went viral in no time.

Muzaffarnagar Police Senior Superintendent (SSP) Abhishek Yadav said in a statement, “Two accused in the case were arrested after the viral video surfaced. Police are working to prevent such incidents in future.” Released on Tuesday, February 22.

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