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Trump says if China found guilty of spreading corona, then it will suffer

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America is suffering from hundreds of deaths due to coronavirus every day.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has targeted China over this deadly disease and has given him a big warning. Speaking to the press at the White House, Trump said that if China is found responsible for deliberately spreading the corona, it will have to bear the consequences, it should be prepared for it.

Trump has expressed disappointment over China’s mysterious style of coronavirus, lack of transparency in the facts related to the disease, and non-cooperation with the US in the initial stages.

The US President said that as long as the corona virus infection spread all over the world, before that he had very good relations with China.

Referring to trade agreements, Trump said that the relationship was very good at the time when we were entering into an agreement, but suddenly you hear about it, so that’s a big difference. President Trump said that due to a mistake, things go out of control and if something is done intentionally, there is a lot of difference between these two things.

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Significantly, earlier Donald Trump said that he is not sure of the figures of deaths from corona in China and that there have been more deaths in America than in China.

Severe outbreak of Corona virus is being seen in America. In the US, 1891 people have died within the last 24 hours. So far, more than 39 thousand people have lost their lives in America. More than 7 lakh 38 thousand people are vulnerable to this disease.

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