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US shifting focus back to Indo-Pacific

US shifting focus back to Indo-Pacific

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Haneda airport in Japan on a two-day visit to attend the Quad summit, and bilaterals on 23 May 2022. On the 2nd day of his Japan visit on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived for Quad Leaders’ Summit in Tokyo.

The meeting of the Quad summit on May 24 was attended by Indian PM Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, US President Joe Biden, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Other countries like Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam were present virtual.

The Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue strategic security dialogue between India, the U.S, Japan and Australia. The quad main aim is to co-operate with partners in the region. The Quad submit was formed to check China’s growing economic and military power. The dialogue was initiated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Ab in 2007.

Twelve countries have signed on to US President Joe Biden’s new economic pact. They include seven Southeast Asian nations, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand. Mr Biden launched his Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity in Tokyo.

Together, the new framework comprises 40 per cent of global GDP. Biden has also commented on Taiwan, He said the US would use military force to defend the island should China attack. Biden’s remarks on Taiwan have angered authorities in Beijing. China has insisted there is no room for compromise on the issue and said it is ready to defend itself.

Is South Korea About to Join Quad?

South Korea president Yoon Seok-you expressed his desire to join the quad. Many observer members of the quad and after some time can become a member. Quad has held “Quad-plus” meetings that have included New Zealand, South Korea, and Vietnam, which could form the basis for future expansion or partnership in the region.

New steps by India And US for Indo-Pacific

The Prime Minister said Quad is moving ahead with a constructive agenda for the Indo-Pacific which will further strengthen its image as a “force for good”. In his opening remarks at the summit, Prime Minister Modi said the Quad has gained a significant place on the world stage in a short period.
“We have increased coordination in areas of economic cooperation, climate, disaster response, supply chain resilience, vaccine delivery, adverse situations happening at the time of COVID-19 “.

PM Modi said the cooperation among the Quad countries in various areas is contributing to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
The relationship of china with other member countries is not good. Quad has become tense in the last few years with Beijing increasingly challenging democratic values and resorting to pressing trade practices.

Aim of Indo Pacific Economic Framework

Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined US President Joe Biden in the launch of a US-initiated trade framework aimed at deeper cooperation among Indo-Pacific countries in areas like clean energy, supply-chain resilience and digital trade. The aim of IPEF came as part of Washington’s efforts to push forward a strong economic policy for the Indo-Pacific region to counter China’s aggressive strategy on trade.

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