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US elections: Biden goes ahead in important states

Joe Biden of the Democratic Party will address from his home state of Delaware 270 electoral college votes are needed to become president

By Ground Report
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US election result : अमेरिका में वोट से ज़्यादा क़ीमती है इलेक्टोरल कॉलेज, समझिए इसका सारा गणित

Joe Biden of the Democratic Party will address the nation from his home state of Delaware. Some of Biden's colleagues said that if he continues to lead in other states, he can declare victory. 270 electoral college votes are needed to become president, and Biden appears to be approaching it.

Now CBS News says that Biden will not declare victory in this address. Although Biden is leading in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.

Important things

  • After the Democratic Party's Joe Biden ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania by 20 thousand votes, he has come close to winning the presidential election.
  • If Biden wins Pennsylvania, he will also win the White House
  • The Democratic Party also gained a slight edge in Georgia. Here 99 percent of the votes were counted, but the authorities have announced the counting of votes again.
  • Biden has also gained a slight edge in Nevada and Arizona
  • The growth of these states will help Biden to win the election.
  • President Trump asks Biden to refrain from declaring victory
  • It is said that America has the highest turnout (66.9%) in the last 120 years.
  • In Nevada, 47% of the ballot has been counted. Joe Biden is currently leading Trump by 22,657 votes.
  • However, trumps are going ahead in many rural areas. On the other hand, Biden was initially in many densely populated areas.
  • There are six electoral college votes in Nevada. Biden needed 270 electoral college votes, 253 of which he has won. He needs only 17 electoral college votes to become president.

Everyone's eye is on Pennsylvania. Among the states whose results have not yet been announced, Pennsylvania has the most electoral college votes.

Biden is still going on from here. If they win Pennsylvania, then the figure of 270 electoral votes to reach the White House will be completed.

Here Biden is leading by 20 thousand votes. If Biden has to refrain from counting the votes again, the margin of victory should be greater. Currently, more than one lakh postal ballots and a large number of provisional ballets are counted.

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