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US Election: Trump or Biden, Who Will Win Easier

The day US presidential election has passed and now counting of votes is underway, it remains to be decided who will win and who will lose.

By Ground Report
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US Election: Trump or Biden, Who Will Win Easier

The day of the US presidential election has passed and now the counting of votes is underway, some expected results have come out but it remains to be decided who will win and who will lose.

It will take more time to determine the winning candidate, but some of the expected results are beginning to emerge during the counting of 160 million votes cast by the American people.

US President Trump has already announced his unfounded victory, accusing the rival party of rigging the election without providing any evidence.

He made a series of tweets based on misinformation and disagreement on the social networking site Twitter, in which he claimed rigging of votes against the rival party. The Twitter administration has also posted warning notices on these tweets.

However, this point is not important at the moment because the millions of legally correct votes cast are still being counted. Now, with the expected results coming from the US state of Michigan, it is being said that Biden is winning from here, while the US media has also predicted Biden's victory from the US state of Wisconsin.

In such a situation, the race for the presidency is becoming more and more thorny and the decision of this race will depend only on the results obtained from the states of Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

According to the results so far, Joe Biden has received 243 electoral votes, while Trump has received 214 electoral votes. A total of 270 electoral votes are required to gain access to the US presidency.

Joe Biden

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has to maintain his lead in the US states of Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin. If he succeeds in doing so, he will be able to get the 270 electoral votes required to become US president.

Biden also took the lead in the early hours of the morning in the postal vote count in the pro-democracy city of Detroit, Michigan, and by noon he had won the state as expected. Conditions in Wisconsin also look favorable, while Republicans are talking about a recount.

Biden also has a clear lead in the US state of Arizona, but postal votes are yet to be counted there.

While his lead in the US state of Nevada is only a few thousand votes, most of the votes cast on election day were in favor of the Republicans, while the Democrats had the upper hand over the postal votes. As per the expected results so far, it seems that Biden will not face much resistance on his way to become the US President.

Donald Trump

Like Biden, Trump must maintain his lead in the states where he has won a majority in order to remain in office. As in Pennsylvania and Georgia, their majority is becoming clearer.

Republican nominee Trump will then have to win at least one of the states where Biden is currently leading.

In that case, Nevada could be a state where there is little difference in Biden's lead and Trump would not need much effort to turn that state in his favor if the late-night election vote If pro-Trump independent or Republican candidates get votes during the count, the chances of President Trump being re-elected will be very bright.

The state of Arizona could also be an important flip state for President Trump, the state from which he can change the election results. Like Nevada, only postal votes remain to be counted.

Voters in this state have a tradition of voting by mail, but Democrats in this state have not benefited from these voters as much as they have in other states. Biden has a clear lead in Arizona over a modest lead in Nevada, but things are likely to change.

As the state of Wisconsin is proving disappointing for President Trump. President Trump had high hopes for this state, but according to the results that came out of here, this state seems to be out of his hands.

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