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US Election 2020: How is the President of America elected

The President of America has a big role in how world deals with international crises. Presidential election comes years after every four years

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US election 2020: Who can become US President?

The President of America has a big role in how the world deals with international crises like war, global epidemics and climate change. So whenever the Presidential election comes in America after every four years, then the eyes of the world are fixed on it, but many people do not know about the process of the American election.

So if you are interested in understanding the US election, then the information related US election can be helpful for you.

When is election and who are the candidates?

The election of the US President is always held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. This time election will be held on 3 November.

Unlike other countries, the political system of America is mainly dominated by two parties, so the President belongs to only one of these parties.

The Republican Party of America is an archaic political party. This time President Donald Trump is a candidate from this party and he is engaged in trying to become president again for the next four years. The Republican Party is also known as the oldest party. In recent years, this party is known for its low tax, gun possession rights and strict restrictions on migrants.

The United States' second major party, Democrats, is a Liberal party and Joe Biden is a presidential candidate from this party in this year's election.

He is an experienced leader. While Barack Obama was the US President, he has been the Vice President of the country for eight years.

How does the winner decide ?

The victory in the US presidential election is not always the candidate who gets the most votes at the national level. As we saw in the case of Hillary Clinton in 2016. She had the highest number of votes across the country but she lost.

Instead, candidates have to win in the electoral college vote. Every state has a certain number of electoral college votes. It depends on the population of the state. There are 538 total votes out of which 270 or more have to be obtained to win.

This means that if someone wants to vote for their favorite candidate, then they have to vote against the competition at the state level and not at the national level.

Whichever candidate gets the most votes, all the electoral college votes of the state go away.

Most states have more inclination towards any one party. This means that candidates pay more attention in the state where they are likely to win. Such states are called battleground states.

Who can vote and how do they vote?

If you are a US citizen and are 18 years of age or older, then you can vote in the US presidential election.

However, many states have enacted such laws that voters have to show their identity documents before the vote.

The Republican Party has a special emphasis on this law because they believe it is necessary to prevent vote rigging. But Democrats accuse them on this issue that misuse of this law is often used to suppress poor and minority voters who are unable to show identity cards such as driving licenses.

Different states also have different rules regarding the voting of prisoners. After being found guilty in most cases, they lose their right to vote, but after taking the sentence, they again get the right to vote.

When will the results come?

It may take several days because every vote has to be counted, but in the early hours, the trend starts to know who is winning.

In 2016, Donald Trump gave his victory speech in New York at three in the morning.

But still you do not set the alarm now. Authorities have already issued a warning about this, that in view of increase in postal ballot this year, counting of votes may take several days and even weeks.