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Home » UP govt’s U-turn on Kanwar Yatra, decision to cancel after SC’s rebuke

UP govt’s U-turn on Kanwar Yatra, decision to cancel after SC’s rebuke

UP government's U-turn on Kanwar Yatra

Ground Report | New Delhi: UP govt’s U-turn on Kanwar Yatra; In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the UP government had approved the Kanwar Yatra , for which the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded the Yogi government. But now the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to cancel the Kanwar Yatra. After a long tussle, the UP government has argued that this decision has been taken after talks with the Kanwar unions.

UP govt’s U-turn on Kanwar Yatra

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the Supreme Court is taking a strict stand regarding religious events. When the UP government had approved the Kanwar Yatra, the Supreme Court had issued a notice to the UP government including the Center on this. In the hearing held after this, the Supreme Court said that the Kanwar Yatra should be kept symbolic because the right to health and life of the citizens of India is paramount.  (UP govt’s U-turn on Kanwar Yatra)

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The Supreme Court had said that the right to life is more important than religious sentiments. The court had asked the UP government to give one more chance to consider its decision. At the same time, it was also said that if this is not considered, then the court will be forced to issue an order. That is why now the UP government has taken a U-turn on the decision taken on the Kanwar Yatra.

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Uttarakhand government cancelled the trip

The Uttarakhand government had decided to cancel the Kanwar Yatra when Tirath Singh was the Chief Minister. But after the departure of Tirath Singh, Pushkar Singh Dhami was made the Chief Minister. After which it was said that he can reverse the decision of his own CM and approve the Kanwar Yatra. Dhami also indicated to do this, he said that God would not want anyone to die. But after doing all the multiplications, it was finally decided to cancel the journey.

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