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Unpaid coal bills of states in crores, see list of defaulters

Unpaid coal bills of states in crores, see list of defaulters

The temperature exceeded 42 degrees, and in this situation, the electricity crisis has made life difficult for many people in many states. The gap between the growth of demand and the shortage of supply reached 623 million units. The reasons for power outages and load reductions are given for various reasons, from lack of coal reserves to delayed payments.

India’s total electricity deficit last week reached 623 million units (MU), exceeding the total deficit for the whole of March. Low coal reserves at thermal power plants have cut off electricity this month in states such as Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and the J&K Union Territory.

Over the past week, Jharkhand faced a deficit of about 17.3% of the state’s total electricity demand, UT Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh together faced a deficit of 11.6% and Rajasthan had a deficit of 9.6%.

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Other states with significant energy shortages last week included Haryana (7.7 per cent), Uttarakhand (7.6 per cent), Bihar (3.7 per cent) and Madhya Pradesh (2.8 per cent).

Part of J&K is facing a power outage for more than 16 hours.

Yesterday, Union Minister Singh blamed states for power outages in some parts of the country amid rising demand for uncharacteristic heat, saying the problems were not caused by a shortage of coal but by non-payment of Coal India Limited (CIL) contributions. and “wrong planning”.

StatesUnpaid bills (Crs)
Maharashtra2,608 Cr
West Bengal1,509.3 cr
Jharkhand1,018.2 cr
Tamil Nadu823.9 cr
Madhya Pradesh531.4 cr
Rajasthan429.5 cr
Andhra Pradesh271 cr
Uttar Pradesh213.8 cr
Chhattisgarh202.8 cr
Karnataka134.6 cr
Unpaid coal bills of states

According to the Ministry of Energy, according to the Ministry of Energy, in the coming months India has met a record peak demand for electricity of 204,653 GW – the highest figure ever achieved by the country (in general).

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Asked about electricity shortages, Singh said that in April, 70 million units of peak electricity demand could not be met across the country against 14 million units in March.

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